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Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle

How to Incorporate Minimalism into Your Home and Lifestyle


If you’re feeling warmed up to the idea of making a minimalist home, or at least using minimalist home decorating, it’s probably one of the most popular designs and there are a lot of advantages that come with it. Get rid of the fear that you might make your home look boring or make it fall flat.

Follow these tips, and you too can make your home look like minimalist heaven.


Whatever you do, to have a better-looking and more functional home, first you need to do a thorough decluttering and get rid of everything you don’t need. If you want to practice minimalism in your home, the first and most important thing is space.

Study the space

When you’ve made more room in your house, you need to study it well. It’s even easier if you’ve just moved into a new home. Consider what will fit without creating a claustrophobic feel and know your limits.

Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle


Creating a spacey-looking and bright home is the main objective, so forget about dark colors. Walls, ceilings and curtains should be in whites or light Earth tones. There’s a huge variety of colors to choose from and minimalistic designs that will make your windows pop. If you’re not sure about the design, a good example can be Eiffel’s sheer curtains, which can work wonders for your living or bedroom area.

Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle  


In minimal spaces, light becomes an important element. Know when your light comes into your home and how it presents itself. Use window treatments to direct it how you want. As for the inside lighting, splurging on just one spectacular light fixture can set the tone for an entire simple space.

Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle 


If you’re fond of coffee tables, keep them, but bear in mind that they use up necessary space in the center of the room and disrupt the flow of movement. Instead, you can have a few bookcases or end tables that won’t get in the way.

Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle

Add accent elements

In the same way that you would choose one standout piece to be the focal point of your room, when you are dealing with minimalist design, add an accent element to the space as well. This will serve to draw attention in, whether it is a really vibrant color in an otherwise plainly colored space, or a different geometric design among basic lines.

 Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle

Simple furniture

If you want a minimalist design of your room, you need simplistic furniture with clean and modern lines. Don’t choose furniture that doesn’t have a modern vibe, or that’s ultra-traditional, as they won’t make your space look minimalistic at all. Decorating in minimalism is as the name suggests – don’t over pile stuff on your beds, shelves, tables.

 Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle

Don’t collect junk

Don’t buy too much unneeded stuff or you’ll end up with clutter. You first impulse when you move into a new home might be to fill up empty space, but try to resist that urge. Give it time and don’t rush out and buy new things. Think essential. In time, the space will grow on you.

 Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle

It’s the details

Details, small touches and designs on elements in the room are important when you’re aiming for a simpler space. It’s something you don’t notice at first glance in a room, but something that adds to the richness without adding to clutter. For that reason, consider adding a variety of textures to your minimal space.

Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle


Minimalism does not require you to buy a truck load of stuff for your home – that’s why you can buy more quality and expensive pieces that will last you for years to come. Even if you’re tight on the wallet, there are many more budget-friendly ways you can make your home minimalistic.


Clear surfaces

Minimalism implies that flat surfaces are clear. You can add a decoration or two, of course, but beware of cluttering your flat surfaces. No books, stacks of paper, or anything else for that matter is allowed, as it ruins the whole picture.

 Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle 

Move stuff out of sight

You should store everything you use out of sight, in drawers and cabinets. Bookshelves can be used to store books or DVDs or CDs, but shouldn’t have much else except a few simple decorations (not whole collections of things). Avoid putting stuff out in the open like a plague.

Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle 


To keep a room from being boring, you can put a simple painting, drawing or photo, framed with a subdued, solid color, on each wall if you want. Leave at least one wall in the room bare if possible. Don’t go overboard with the pictures and paintings too – a few are just enough per room.

Incorporating Minimalism into Your Lifestyle


There are many elements to minimalist design that really make it stand out from other forms of interior design. If this is a style that speaks to you on a different level, following these aforementioned strategies will help you reach your design goals easily.