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5 Best Tools and Tech Expert Insta Influencers Use

Want to become an instagram influencers or grow your following? On this post, we share the key tools influencers use to grow their following and teach you how to do it, too! #Blogging #Instagram

There are thousands of editing and design apps out there, not to mention a whole slew of different cameras and lenses that all claim to boost your following. But which ones will deliver on that promise?

While it mostly depends on the aesthetic and content on your Instagram page, there are a few tools that have proven valuable to influencers. Here are just a few of the latest apps, programs and tools you can use to boost your following and build your brand. 

1. Later 

Instagram’s number one marketing platform, Later, allows you to visually plan, analyze and schedule posts in advance in just 20 minutes. Accessible from both your desktop and mobile device, Later is especially effective at keeping all your photos and videos organized and ready to post at any time.

Additionally, the interface lets you see a potential post on your feed before you commit to posting it to make sure it matches your aesthetic, one of the major factors in gaining followers. 

2. GoPro

By, now nearly everyone has heard of the GoPro. This top-of-the-line camera is both durable and incredibly versatile. Depending on which niche you’re in, you can strap the lens to your chest, head, hand, bicycle, skateboard, tripod, selfie stick and more to get the best angle.

The GoPro Hero 8 is even waterproof up to 10 meters, letting you shoot video practically anywhere. And the best part is it lets you shoot in 4k and 1080p HD, the best resolution available. Pick up one for yourself at your local Best Buy or order online!


Instagram’s default filters are now a thing of the past as many Instagram influencers are turning to additional editing with VSCO. This editing suite provides users with high-quality default filters and tools that control aspects like grain, saturation and contrast.

Download the free version to create a more aesthetically, pleasing feed and engage with other creators. Or, become a VSCO member for just $19.99 a year and unlock a whole new world of filters, tools and presets. 

4. Canva 

Create images that stand out with Canva, an app that lets you superimpose text, implement multi-image layouts and predesigned graphics. Influencers use Canva to gain followers’ attention by using consistent formats and fonts in their stories, allowing followers to easily recognize their content.

Additionally, you can save and organize your designs so you can find and use them in a heartbeat. Try the app for free with a 30-day trial or become a member to start creating eye-catching content today.

5. Display Purposes

This web-based tool gives you more control over hashtags by recommending popular ones to use on your image. Start with a keyword or existing hashtag for suggestions within your niche.

Select the number of hashtags you want and the site will generate hashtags accordingly. Or, switch these settings to manual to choose from a list of hashtags that displays each one’s popularity, relevance and even demographic. Visit the website to determine which tags are trending and discover more hashtag statistics. 

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The Key to More Followers

The aforementioned tools, apps, and cameras can all be incredibly useful in boosting your Instagram following and making your feed more pleasing and coherent. From creating a consistent design to shooting underwater high-definition video, today’s technology allows you to build a beautiful, like-worthy page. But, when it’s all said and done, the best way to win more followers is to create high-quality content that your audience can relate to and engage with. 

Of course, this takes a lot of determination and hard work. Perfecting camera angles, finding amazing lighting, and capturing emotions and beauty are the heartbeat of any great account. So, get creative and keep posting. And, with a little help from technology, you might just gain an ever-growing following.