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The 5 Most Adventurous and Scenic Road Trip Routes In Europe – Perfect for Motorcycles!

The 5 Most Adventurous and Scenic Road Trip Routes In Europe - Perfect for Motorcycles!

If motorbiking is one of your passions, you should love driving your favorite bike on the most scenic and adventurous roads in Europe. Diving on some of the famous motorcycle roads in Europe offers you wonderful natural views and unforgettable experiences.

Here are the 5 most adventurous and scenic motorcycle routes in Europe

1. D618 St Girons

Located in southern France in the foothills of Pyrenees, D618 is a scenic road that features beautiful mountains, stunning views and adventurous climbs. Any motorcyclist who ever went motor biking on this road, will always keep it one of the most magical motorcycle rides in his or her life. There are a good number of places to stay and enjoy a camping adventure in the area. You can see many horses, cows, and mountains on your ride.  In fact, this route has been immortalized by Tour de France.


2. Bodom Cycle Motorcycle Route, Finland

We all know about the natural beauty of Finland and Bodom Cycle route is one of the perfect representations of Finland’s nature. This beautiful route takes in the sight between the places called Bodomintie and Gfunnarsvagen, featuring beautiful small medieval villages, a stunning lake and fantastic car and motorcycle museum.

3. Agiofarago Gorge Crete

Crete is always one of the best Greek islands and the motorcycle ride on Agiofarago Gorge can be one of the most wonderful experiences in your life. The route features breathtaking scenery of the island and its stunning shores. But make sure you know the speed limits in various parts of the route to avoid unexpected breaking of laws.

4. SS300 Stelvio

Italy boasts of a number of stunning motorcycle routes and SS300 Stelvio has to be best of the lot as it goes through the mountains in the Stelvio National park in northern Italy. This route is less risky and more enjoyable due to the scenic views of road. In fact, it is the largest zigzag route in entire Europe. This can easily be a classic two-wheeled expedition.

5. A5004 Derbyshire

Any motorcycle enthusiast in the UK should try and go driving on A5004 Derbyshire located between Buxton and Whaley Bridge. It offers truly stunning natural beauty to behold. The Goyt Valley in particular in the route deserves mentioning. There are a good number of sweeping roads and twists to keep your journey highly entertaining.

– Safety First –

If you are a seasoned motorcycle driver, you should know the basic safety tips. Make sure you wear dirt biking boots, one of the best motorcross jackets, dirt bike helmets and motorcycle gloves. These accessories will ensure safety in case any accident occurs. Plan your ride on any of the 5 best motorcycle routes in Europe.