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4 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs a VPN

Own an online business and wondering how to make it grow? One of the absolute must haves for business owners is having a VPN. If you're an online girl boss and want to step up your business or side hustle, this is why getting a VPN will turn your life around!

So what is a VPN and why do you need one?

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN is a sophisticated technology that allows users safe and remote access to other websites and networks over the internet. While they were essentially designed for office work, they have grown in their popularity and are widely used by individuals in their personal endeavors as well. Individuals who are privacy-conscious use VPN to surf the internet while maintaining their safety and privacy. VPN ensures their user’s safety and security by essentially creating a safe space for their internet usage, which keeps them safe from hackers and malware.

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Businesses can greatly benefit by using VPN in their offices through various means. Some of the benefits of using VPN in your business include:

4 Benefits of using a VPN in your business

1. VPN gives your employees heightened security

If your employees use VPN, they would enjoy heightened security in all their business dealings. Your employees are likely to store company data on the cloud for easier access if they are working from home or traveling for business trips. By using a VPN in such instances, your employees are sure to access their cloud-based data in a secure environment, ensuring that no data breaches take place.

2. VPN gives your employees remote access

If your employees are working remotely – from home or from a different country altogether – VPN allows them to log in to your company’s data center, service, or business suite. Companies store their data on a cloud that can only be accessed from their own servers, and by using a VPN your employees can safely access that cloud database without disturbing or disrupting any company operations whatsoever.

3. VPN is highly affordable

VPN is a highly affordable service, and especially so for smaller businesses. The value that VPN brings to a company is unmatchable for its price. If businesses need the same services that VPN provides them with, and try to look for them in other software, they would have to purchase multiple software which would be both expensive and difficult to use. The fee most VPN services charge per month ranges between 10-15 USD and businesses can check free trial VPN if they wish to test the waters before taking a dip.

VPN for traveling

4. VPN gives you access control

VPN allows managers to control what data and what parts of your online operations an individual can access. If businesses do not apply access control on their stored data, they are likely to give rise to an instance of data theft and breach data security if all employees have access to all categories of data. Managers should ensure access control, and make sure that only employees who need access to certain data should gain access to it. VPN also allows managers to create access control systems that require an ID and password to let employees through if the company deals with sensitive data.

Irrespective of whether you are a small business or a large multinational, VPN poses multiple uses for your company. Whether or not your employees work remotely, VPN guarantees that your employees would work in an environment free from data breaches and online prying eyes.

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