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3 Steps To The Perfect Nude Lip

Are you still trying to master the nude lip? Or wanting to give it a try? A Mac Consultant advised me and I’m excited to pass along the tips. I love Mac products, so I am a little biased. 

First, I will say I was a bit shocked when I got home and tried to do it myself. My lips look like I had just put concealer on them. I didn’t realize the key is in the lip liner that I decided not to purchase. I found myself running back out to find a lip liner that would work. A true nude lip is similar to the color of your skin and is a bit shocking at first if you are used to some color on your lips. 


Here is some background on my complexion – brunette with medium toned skin and green eyes. Different complexions may require a slightly different color, which I am sure any make up artist can recommend or even our fellow VG Blogger, Makeup by Megan (sorry to put you on the spot).

Here is what I use…

Step 1: Two Faced Perfect Lips in Perfect Nude
Line your lips and don’t be scared to color in your lips with this pencil.  It will help the lipstick stay longer.


Step 2: Mac Crème D’Nude
Apply to lips.


Top with lip gloss to give your lips some shine and pop.  Plus this is a great gloss to use alone.


A nude lip goes perfectly with smoky eye makeup for a night out on the town! Dare to go nude? Tag us on instagram @VerbalGoldBlog and show us your best nude lip.

xoxo, Lindsay