Our Epic Adventure Flying Over The Water with AquaJet Miami

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Last week in Miami was one of the best I’ve ever had!!  Seriously so much fun!  And a lot of that has to do with my jet pack experience!  It was crazy! If you’ve never tried flying through the air and water with an aqua jet pack on, I highly recommend it! My experience with AquaJet Miami was incredible! The jetpack was definitely easier than the board and perfect for beginners. You can choose from a jet pack, hoover board, or flyboard.  I went with the jet pack! Once you get to the marina you take a yacht (eek bonus) out to either a private beach or a good ocean spot, go over the safety instructions, strap a jet pack on like a back pack and fly!!
I went out with AquaJet Miami who I highly recommend!  Their 3 crew members Ali Alkhalisi, Amber Hookway, and Geoffrey Lardy were so knowledgable and total pros so despite being a little nervous I knew I was in good hands.  Geoffrey was even featured on CNN and Nat Geo for his skills and Ali is a captain and also has a health blog!  They were pretty great all day!


My main goal was not to crash into the water but as soon as I got steady I tried to walk on water, get as high as I could, fly like an airplane and superman, no hands, running man, swag, and just zoomed around the yacht taking in the gorgeous views!  Of course my tricks are no match to the pros but I was having a blast!
AquaJet Miami is located in Miami, Florida.  Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see more action!
Luckily for all our #GoldieFoxes they are giving everyone 10% off with the code word: VERBALGOLD
Can’t wait to see y’alls pictures!  Head on over to our insta to see me attempt to walk on water with my jet pack! hah

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  • This is SO neat! I wish I would've known about this when I was in Miami! I would've tried it in a heartbeat. Oh well, guess I'll save it for the next time I'm in town!

  • So much fun! I've always wanted to try this 🙂

  • Ady hello had a blast with you two. You really rocked it on the Aqua-jet. Thank you for the nice post, your welcome back to Miami anytime and look me up. Fattpower.com Lata Ali