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The Top 3 Things To Do In Tromso, Norway (The Arctic Circle)

Tromos was incredible! Just check out my full travel guide to see all that Norway has to offer. Even though it was freezing, it was beautiful and there is seriously so much to see and do. It’s magnificent! So, in no particular order, I’m going to share the top 3 things you must do when you’re in Tromso!

The Top 3 Things To Do in Tromso, Norway

northern lights tromso, Norway

1.The Northern Lights

It’s an absolute must and probably one of the top things on your bucket list. I know it was for me. I’ve also heard that rumor that the auroras are going to dim and be hard to see for the next 10-15 years so when I got the opportunity to go, I hopped on it immediately! I didn’t want to wait or miss this incredible experience. It will take your breath away. Yes, the Northern Lights start off gray but if you’re lucky you’ll be fortunate enough to see the green and pink hues. We watched them dance through the entire sky for an hour and they were mesmerizing.

I recommend hiring a guided tour like Chasing Lights. The smaller bus is the best in my opinion. Bert (@bertinthenorth) is the best guide they have. That team does not give up until you see the Northern Lights. Their tracking system is crazy. I felt like I was on storm chasers at one point. I feel so lucky to have been able to see them two nights in a row! One of the major benefits of going with a tour like this besides the fact that they literally know the best spots, is that the guide will set up their camera and take pictures of you. They’ll also show you how to photograph the Northern Lights yourself! Pretty cool!

feed the reindeer tromso, Norway travel blogger

2. Feed the Reindeer and Learn About Sami Culture

Honestly, I’m not sure I knew reindeer were a real thing until I got to Tromso. We were able to visit a huge Reindeer farm where they roamed free in a huge fence. Huge. They gave us a bucket of food and told us to walk around in the field. The reindeer would just come up to you if they were hungry and eat right out of your bucket. Such a cool experience. Just watch out for the horns! Keep your eyes clear out of the way and don’t kneel down in their face for a photo. You can also go on a sleigh ride but I’d recommend skipping that. Not for me.

One thing I loved is that you get to learn about Sami Culture while you’re there and YOIK with them. It’s a little chant song thing they do and pretty cool. You can tour the yurts or sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate.  I don’t eat meat but if you want to be adventurous, you can even try reindeer stew. Ahhhh.

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3. Snowmobile Across Three Countries and Stand in 3 Places At Once

Snowmobiling was such a rush. Sightly terrifying but so much fun. I must say that I had a perfect driving record but my driving partner and I totally took a dive off the snowmobile when she was driving. Nothing bad though, it was kind of fun to jump off a bike Vin Diesel style into 6 feet of snow. Anyway, you drive from Tromso to Lapland, Finland to hop on your snowmobiles. Wear the warmest clothes you have. Just in case the tour actually suits you up with even more layers! The bikes have heated handles so your hands will always stay warm. Then you’re off on an amazing adventure, over frozen lakes, and to the point where Sweden, Finland, and Norway meet! You can stand at the landmark only during the winter. The rest of the time it’s surrounded by water. How cool!

where 3 countries meet Sweden Finland Norway


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