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cobh ireland travel guide

The Hidden Jewel of Cobh, Ireland

cobh ireland

Sometimes when you are on your journey an adventure finds you! This is exactly what happened to the VGB squad during our road trip through Southern, Ireland.

The squad was making their way through the beautiful coast and decided to make a pit stop in Cobh. Little did we know, we were stopping at the last port of call for the Titanic. Chills?! Um, yeah…BIG TIME!

cobh ireland travel guide

The Hidden Jewel of Ireland, Cobh

Cobh, Ireland formerly known as Queenstown, is a seaport town off the south coast of County Cork, Ireland. It is the home of Ireland’s only dedicated cruise terminal. This is what brings the tourists in because of its association with the Titanic. But that’s not all this town has to offer. On the high point of this amazing town sits a beautiful cathedral that draws your attention. St. Colman’s grabs your focus while you are trying to take in the spectacular view of this town. It is one of the tallest buildings in Ireland.

The houses, shops, and buildings are different colors which make for a stunning aerial shot of this quaint spot. We couldn’t believe that we accidentally stopped in a place this magnificent. We took some time to sit at the cruise terminal with our feet hanging over the edge to reflect on the Titanic and its tragedy. Ady got out her drone and took some amazing pictures of our moment. We were facing Spike and Haulbowline Island from our view and it was…eerie?! It’s hard to explain being in the exact place so many people said goodbye to loved ones before such a terrible tragedy. It’s humbling, to say the least.

After taking in some quiet time to reflect and pay our respects, we started walking around. There is a Titanic shop if you want to grab some merchandise, pubs, restaurants, and shops. We grabbed a drink at a pub because we are in Ireland of course! Ady and I found a dog roaming the streets for the second time on our trip. He was so cute, and although we went to get him treats at a local grocery store…he was on his way exploring before we knew it. We loved walking along the colorful buildings on the edge rocks and the smiles on our faces showed it.

The world is full of these little gem towns as I call them, and we were lucky enough to find this one. We want all of you to know about it so if you are in the area, make sure to stop by. When we left I felt serene and comfortable feeling like I was humbled and lucky to see this town.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from this adventure we were able to have by fate!

cobh ireland travel guide

cobh ireland travel guide

cobh ireland travel guide

Photos by. Jennifer Oetting Photography 

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