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Why are celebrities and musicians the only people winning awards for their work? Thoughts sparked by the #GoldenGlobes

I want to talk about the Golden Globes.  No I’m not going to sit here and talk about fashion and style or who won what or the best movie and show in my opinion.  




I’m going to talk bout something that bothers me.  All the feels right now.




Why are celebrities and musicians the only people winning awards for their work around here?  Why are celebrities the only people who get to dress up, walk the red carpet, be interviewed and win an award.  And not just a plaque but an actual statue!  I’m pretty sure we’re just as important.




I mean even the kids have a Kids + Teen Choice Awards.  If celebrities and kids are doing this why aren’t we?  Why isn’t the general hard working public motivating people and companies by giving out awards?




Do you see where I’m going here?  I’m in sales so I love awards more than anyone.  Why isn’t there an award for the best Hair Stylist, the best Fashion Designer, the best Lifestyle Blog, the best Manager, the top Sales Person, the best Photographer, the best Graphic Designer, the best Makeup Artist, the best Travel Blog, the best FB group admin, the best Subway sandwich artist and so on.  #awardsforthepeople All important things people. Important things.




We deserve awards too!  We work hard.  We want credit.  We want a statue.  I’m not just talking about internal awards your company hands you like a $50 gift card and a sheet of paper with a smiley face on it.  I’m talking about an organized award show! Legit shit.




I’m not saying they don’t deserve their award show.  All I’m saying is we do to! #WheresMyGoldenGlobe  I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio over here.  I’m not asking a lot.  Hello Mr.President can you make this happen? 



Well rant over.  Now onto action.  I’m thinking Atlanta, LA, Vegas, or New York for our award show!  Who’s in? 



Don’t have FOMO.  Until then, send in your nominees to [email protected]




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