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The Verbal Gold Blog fam is so excited to welcome a new writer and member to our team! #TEAMGOLD Our new Golden Girl is from Atlanta, Georgia and I have a feeling y’all are just going to love her.  I mean she is my best friend so I kind of have this feeling she will fit in great!  If you guys have any questions please please ask away, say hello, and don’t be shy! Show her some love. Welcome to the team Lindsay! 

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Hello! I’m Lindsay and also living in Atlanta (along with
Ady & we’ve been besties since HS).
I’ve recently moved into my very own place and how different it is
living a-l-o-n-e. Many perks, don’t get me wrong but I find myself always
wanting to be doing something and Atlanta is the perfect place to do that.  There is always a new restaurant
opening, a festival happening in Piedmont Park (which I’m 2 miles away from),
breweries to be visited and good times to be had.  I’m hoping you’ll join me in this adventure we call a life.


Monday through Friday you can me working as a Marketing
Coordinator at a Technology company in Buckhead. I’m always looking for fun,
new ideas to bring back to the office.
Working at company that values its employees and encourages a fun
culture makes going into work not so bad.
I was recently introduced to a game called “whiskey slap”. I recommend
not doing if HR is around but you literally take a shot and then slap your
partner and then switch (it’s supposed to take the bite out of the
whiskey).  Yup, this happened. 
I was fortunate to grow up where my dad treasured taking
trips and traveling. I have kept that travel bug and love exploring new places.
London, Paris, Ireland have been crossed off my list (well not completely, I
want to go back) and I have my eyes on Hawaii, Greece (they better get it
together), Costa Rica, Napa Valley and the list could go on and on. Plus
anytime a beach is involved, I am down.
I have the greatest family! My parents have been married for
42 years (wowsers), a brother and sister and 6 adorable nieces and nephews that
keep me smiling. Plus the most amazing friends that a girl could ask for and a cute
boy in my life who keeps me on my toes.


That’s enough for now and I’m sure you will learn more about
me soon enough.
Well, here I go…let’s get to blogging.


xo Lindsay //