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Top 6 Places To Eat in Gulf Shores / Orange Beach, Alabama + Some Honorable Mentions!

best places to eat in gulf shores orange beach alabama

Isn’t vacation the best!  An excuse to eat all the foods! Nom nom nom.  We love trying new food and places to eat while we’re on vacation.  We visit Gulf Shores often so we’ve put together a list of our favorite places to eat!

Check out list of the top 6 places to eat below!

1. The Oyster House –

An all around favorite for tourists and repeat visitors as well as locals. The menu offers beach favorites such as fried/grilled shrimp, scallops, fish, and crab. Surrounded by shops on a dock overlooking the Gulf’s lagoon, there is time kill if you have a wait for your table.

2. Louisiana Lagniappe –

My all time favorite restaurant in Gulf Shores (Orange Beach)! The crab stuffed shrimp with a twice baked potato is mouth watering! The menu offers other favorites as well with a cajun flare with a nice atmosphere. I put on a nice little dress for this one and make it a date night affair.

3. Live Bait –

The beach atmosphere is fun and relaxing and the shrimp is delicious. I always get fried shrimp here because they are huge and fresh and I love their tartar and cocktail sauce. The greek nachos with crawfish are a treat you wouldn’t expect either, and I highly recommend them, even if it does sound a little different than your average beach meal. Grab a drink and relax and enjoy the beach vibe!

4. The Hangout –

Oh the local tourist staple! This place is huge and offers live music while dining and hanging out. The name of this restaurant clearly explains the atmosphere the staff wants you to feel. There are multiple bars inside and out and tons of room to walk around and play ring toss.

5. The Gulf –

Grab a drink and take in the beautiful view! The Gulf is directly on the beach with comfortable chairs and the most relaxing vibe you will find. They have the best gift shop around with witty gifts and one of a kind jewelry. Most people grab a burger here, but all the food is good! I highly recommend dropping by this spot if nothing but for the view!

the gulf

the gulf

6. The Gulf Shores Steamer –

Located at the San Roc Cay Marina in Orange Beach.  A local favorite. We recommend the steamed seafood platter! It’s a ton of food and it’s so delicious!

Honorable Mentions:

Flora Bama – Home of the Mullet Toss! Mainly a bar and not really a restaurant but we had to include it in our list because the bushwackers here are the best ever!  Their oysters are pretty on point too!

flora bama


flora bama


Brick and Spoon – They have a delicious brunch! Definitely recommend stopping here for their delicious bloody mary and biscuits!

Lulu’s- Another tourist favorite! They are famous for their burgers, but I love their fun drinks and beach vibe. The second you pull up, you know its a tourist trap but the staff is exceptionally friendly and make sure you have a good time.

Sea N Suds- On the end of a boardwalk overlooking the ocean you will find this gem. Super casual food in a basket, and yes it is good!

Tacky Jacks- Bushwhacker, Wangs, and their famous Mexican Garbage Nachos. Garbage because they are served on a garbage lid!  That’s what this place is meant for! And yes… it is tacky but a tourist fave!

tacky jacks


Papa Rocco’s- I know, pizza at the beach. If you need a seafood break, please go here! I love this pizza. Hands down one of the best pizza’s I have ever had. It is a local fave, and super casual. Beer comes from a can and you eat with your hands and it is perfect and delicious!

The Steamer – located in Gulf Shores. The Mexican, Chargrilled, and Cajun Oysters are a MUST! Laid back vibe with great jams!  We recommend the steamed seafood platter and a bushwacker!  Bonus- you get a finger bowl to clean your hands when you’re done (aka warm water mixed with lemons).



We had a blast eating our way through Gulf Shores and Orange Beach!  Can’t wait for our next trip!


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