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The Gift Guide For Travelers You Didn’t See Coming

Holidays don’t have to be about shopping. Black Friday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, etc… are made to be about things… when they should be about memories and experiences. At least that’s my POV. Lately, I find myself getting rid of things on sites like Poshmark and Facebook marketplace. I’m constantly trying to lighten the load. I’ve been trying to Marie Kondo my things to get rid of clutter and belongings that don’t bring me joy. Since I had a son I don’t want to be materialistic or teach him that. I want to show him how to have a happy life, make memories, be open-minded explore the world, and enjoy experiences.

That’s why this year I’m doing something a little different as it relates to gift-giving. These are all travel-related gifts that I would personally love. Because you know what’s better than gift cards, and airline miles.

Check out these gifts for travelers:

  1. Airline miles – Have extra miles or points? Gift them to someone. Cheapest but best gift ever for a traveler.
  2. Travel wallet with tickets – To a show, park, DIY for a walk, flight, museum, play, game, movie, bus, rental car, etc.
  3. Uber credit/rideshare credit
  4. Travel movies (ie. watch a holiday in the wild movie and gift a hotel reservation in South Africa)
  5. Dive certification certificate
  6. Baby travel gift basket
  7. Enhance their trip – If your friend is going on a vacation in Belize, ask them where they are staying and book a massage for their trip. Rent a golf cart for the day for them. Send them a bottle of champagne.
  8. Make a holiday dish or dessert from another country. Basking gift basket – Ever watch The Great British Baking Show Holiday Edition? They made a fun holiday dish from Iceland on the holiday episode and it looks delicious!
  9. Staycation – Gift an overnight stay at a local hotel.

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Alternatively, if you don’t feel like giving these “gifts” then don’t. Save your money and reward yourself with an amazing solo trip. Literally, who cares. Do whatever makes you happy.