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How to look like you DGAF about VDay

VDAY …. I D F W U  … I gotta million trillion things that I’d rather fuckin’ do… like:


Paint your nails blue because you’re frozen… or black like your heart 




Diamonds are a girls best friend via Kylie Jenner
Buy yourself some shit like some boss bitch shoes or a bag!  Don’t forget flowers!  I love buying myself flowers… because I know what I want and I get it.  Boom.
Go to a comedy show and laugh your ass off!


Improv Atlanta

Where vulgar shirts out in public… because IDGAF #nored




Sit on the couch and veg out!  IDGAF!  Pizza… yes… wine… even better!  Robe… nailed it!




Go out!  Singles bar events are the best.  Best.  Odds.  100% chance  that everyone there is single and ready to mingle!  or Go to an Anti-Vday Party and hit some shit with a bat!  I’ve always wanted to do that!  #cupidisstupid


Celebrate with your besties!  Send them some dope cards (like the one below).  Go see 50 shades! Wine tastings and group events with your gal pals is the best! or Host a girls night in!  #sleepover Jammies, chick flicks, takeout, and toca (those candles are my jam)!  Doesn’t get any better than that.




Take out arch-ery practice … #shoutouttomyexes

via Packed Party (you’re better without him) box
Happy Singles Awareness Day but who GAF anyways because….


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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