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What are the Different Types of Eyelash Curlers?

*This guest post is sponsored by Sherry Jane Smith

For a tool that only seems to have one function, there happens to be a lot of different types of eyelash curlers out there – yes, really. There are as many eyelash curlers as there are different kinds of lashes in the world!

Here’s the lowdown on the most common variants you may find on drugstore shelves:

Metal mechanical

These are the most common type of lash curlers available – you’ll not only find them at beauty supply shops, but at drugstores and even convenience stores if you’re ever in a lash-curling bind. Sporting scissor-like handles and a long surface on the business end that curves ever so slightly, these are versatile tools you can get on the cheap, quickly, thanks to their ubiquity. Curlers made with metal are also very durable and can last you years; all you’ll need to change are the rubber or plastic tips on the clamping end, which can get worn out. Thankfully, these curlers also often come bundled with two or three replacement tips.

Manufacturers recognize that these are often a person’s first and last eyelash curler, and innovation has mostly been in the form of a wide variety of curves, which means you’ll be sure to find one that suits the natural curve of your eyes.

Precision or point

Also known as mini lash curlers, these tools are shaped similarly to metal mechanical curlers, with scissor-like handles. They only differ on the business end: here you’ll find a narrow flat clamp, and instead of needing to shoot your lashes through a small hole, you can curl them section by section instead. These curlers are perfect for people who have deep-set eyes and need a little more mobility, or for those with smaller eyes that bigger, traditional lash curlers never can fit right. This is also the lash curler of choice for those applying false lashes, since there’s less risk of them breaking or coming off at the clamp. Try Shu Uemura’s award-winning S Curler, which is specifically designed with Asian eyes in mind.

Plastic mechanical

These lash curlers bear little difference in function from ones that are made with metal. They may be shaped a little differently and come in cute colors, but you get a lever and a tip that resembles a metal mechanical lash curler. This is best for people who have sensitive eyes or may otherwise have an adverse reaction to metal. While they’re a little less commonly found, they cost a bit less than your typical metal lash curler, and are just as easy to use. However, one of the main drawbacks of a plastic mechanical lash curler is the possibility of not getting a satisfying, firm curl as pressing too hard can break the tool.


Heated lash curlers are a fairly new addition to the myriad of options we already have today, but they are quickly gaining in popularity. The idea is that heat helps lashes curl more easily, as well as keep them curled for longer, like a curling iron does for your hair. In Korea, a heated lash curler can be something as simple as a thin wooden stick ran over an open lighter flame a few times, but technology has advanced enough that battery-operated lash curlers that generate heat on their own are now also a thing. These are a great option in that they curl eyelashes without using force, and as stated above, are able to keep the curl throughout even the most demanding of days.

Lash curlers are mostly a matter of preference, but isn’t it nice to know that there’s one for practically every eye shape and application? Which one are you using now? What’s the one you’d like to try out the most?



*This guest post is sponsored by Sherry Jane Smith