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The #GIRLBOSS Guide to Summer Reading + Our Must Reads

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Not going to lie. Super pumped to read these books like a #GIRLBOSS!   How to win at basically everything, the body book by my abs fave Cameron Diaz, and #Girlboss by head lady Sophia in charge over at Nasty Gal! 
Nice Is Just a Place In France is hilariously funny!  Can’t put it down good.  Perfect for college girls and recent grads.  Admittedly I’m a tad older so I skimmed some of the chapters that didn’t apply to me anymore but this book is a TEN!  I found myself laughing out loud in public.  #noshameinmyreadinggame  
girls guide to summer reading
Excited to dive into my summer reading list.  I’ve never been much of a reader unless you count the Goosebumps books back in middle school and being called on to read out loud in History class.  So I’m happy to say I have my very own reading list that doesn’t contain Chelsea Handler (for the first time).  Even though I still do and always will love her books.
and last but not least and so far my absolute favorite
So now that you know my reading list… what is yours?  What am I missing?  Has anyone read these books?  Any favorites? Let us know below or over on insta @VerbalGoldBlog!
xoxo Ady // @adyrol