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Abs Fave Beauty Products

Ok so I’m focusing mainly on my main mane here (did you follow that?) but I did slip in a little lip action!  I’m currently obsessing over these abs fave hair care // beauty products this month!  Because who doesn’t want this… 

You know what’s amazing!?! When your beauty product favorites from 2013 and 2014 are still your favorites!!! I love that.  Of course I’ve added some to the list though…


1.  Dry Conditioner – Lightweight oils quench crispy ends with no greasy aftereffects.  (Oribe or here // Serge)



2.  Living Proof – For one week of shiny vibrant hair that lasts through 5 shampoos (Hair primer + style extender //  Night cap overnight protector


3.  Hair SPF (incase you missed how important SPF is here) – use this 365 days a year to protect hair from drying, color-fading UV rays.  (Caviar Anti-Aging Defense)


4. Grow On – FDA approved way to treat thinning strands. (Pantene Expert Hair Regrowth for Women or drugstores)

5.  Motor Mouth – Kiss with flake free confidence with a bliss powered brush for chapped lips.  (Bliss Fabulips Pout-o-Matic)

6.  Secret Extensions – Just like wearing a headband!  Only comes in 16 inches so not the best for super long locks but great to add volume plus you don’t have to worry about hair falling out due to clip ins or your actual hair thinning because of the weight and stress of actual extensions.  I’m a fan.


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