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Tackling To-Do’s, You Never, Just Do!!

Ok, who’s guilty of having that list of Someday’s, that continues to grow and somehow never actually happens? Me!

I don’t know about you, but I have so many ‘want to do’s’ on a list, that if I don’t start crossing them off, I am going to start feeling completely worthless. I’m the type of person that when I set my mind to something finally start a new project, I usually do it. But guilty as charged, the RHOBH has me so preoccupied, that I just can’t seem to get to my list.

But really, how does one work a full time job, manage a social calendar, stay fit and yet still find the time to learn a new hobby, or take on a new project?! Truth be told, there is ALWAYS enough time, you just have to make yourself and your IT a priority.

I have to say, moving to a new city has been motivating freed up a lot of time, since lets be honest, my social calendar hasn’t exactly been jam packed. Boozing, a favorite pass time of mine, while fun, does nothing for my mind, so I’ve enjoyed starting to cross things off my list and even recruited a few of my friends to join me! 

First up? Signing up for a 10 week photography class and purchasing my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3300. So exciting! I’ve always had a love for pictures and having a love for Waffle House being Southern, my entire life is scrapbooked. I mean, EVERYTHING! Photographic Center NW has classes for all skill types, teaching you everything you’ll need to start your new photo journey in the DSLR world! Cross that sucker off! Is it bad that I’m super excited to get a grade? Nerd alert…


How about that BIG stack of books you keep saying you’ll get to, but really only get to, in the first 15 minutes of that cross-country flight, before you find yourself drooling on the person next to you. Super HOT! I have to admit, reading is totally the new Bravo for me. (Let me address those judging right now, I’ve always enjoyed reading, it’s just one of those that wasn’t a “priority.”) Find something you’re interested in and get to reading.


My latest guilty pleasures include, Anne Rule, Green River Running Red, a Seattle classic, on the story of the Green River Killer. (I’m totally a local now and now you know, I love thrillers)! Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs, what I’m deeming a prequel to my soon to start photography classes, had already taught me a few new tricks. I mean it can’t help to study a bit before, right? And finally, if you’ve not read Gone Girl, seriously wtf? Gillian Flynn is on FLEEK, also check out Sharp Objects & Dark Places. Book club is totally the new happy hour. “Can I get a refill here, please!”


For the grand finale, I’ve finally gotten around to learning how to paint with oils. I’ve been painting like Van Gogh attempting to paint with acrylics for a couple years now and, while still an amateur, I though it would be fun to try oils! Blick employs some serious creative junkies, chalked full of knowledge and ready to help you create the art project of your dreams! Oils, while fun, take forever to dry, which gives you plenty of time in between, to take on those other items on your list!


Moral of the story here… Make time for yourself and for the hobby’s and activities that interest you! Life shouldn’t only be GTL work, gym and social calendars. Work on you a little, you’ll be surprised what you discover!

Here’s a few from my first photography homework assignment…