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6 Ways to Learn to Embrace Your Curves

embrace your curves

Are you struggling with body confidence? You are not the only one. In fact, it is difficult to feel good about yourself, when the whole world has a certain image about what a perfect body should look like. But here’s a question: who has the authority to say what an average body size is, and are you going to listen to them? Your body is your own, and instead of starving yourself to lose weight and squeeze into uncomfortable clothes, you should learn how to embrace what you have, embrace your curves, because, let us tell you a secret: you are beautiful. Skinny isn’t another word for gorgeous. It is individuality. If these words of encouragement aren’t enough for you, we have a whole set of ways you can learn to love your curves.

Find the one thing you love the most about your body

Look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you hate every part of your body? This is highly unlikely. There must be something you like. This can be a knockout cleavage you can show off in a V-neck dress, nice smooth shoulders you can flaunt in an off-shoulder shirt, great legs for tight athletic leggings… The important thing to notice here is that not all curvy bodies are the same. They come in different shapes, so what works on a curvy celeb you look up to, may not work for you, and vice versa. It is only when you get to know your body that you are able to love it.

Listen to your inner voice

The world around you can be so loud with its prejudice and judgments, and sometimes the voices of strangers can overpower your own inner voice. It is in our human nature to love ourselves, and if you just let the voice inside you do the talking and silence everyone else, you will hear that you are beautiful the way you are. Talking to someone about this problem (a good friend or a therapist) can also be helpful.

Wear clothes that fit

Many curvy ladies try to hide their weight and shape by dressing in oversized clothes which they believe are covering up their “flaws”. However, this is producing the opposite effect, by making them look shapeless. There is only one way of showing your feminine natural shape, and that is by wearing clothes that fit. Fortunately, beautiful plus size dresses that embrace your figure instead of confining it, and other clothes in your size, are available not only in specialized stores, but also in many famous clothing boutiques. Once you see how stunning your body looks like when dressed for its size, you’ll have no choice but to love it.

Visit a tailor

While there are plenty of plus size clothes available, the truth is that your body is like none other in this world. And quite often, it can happen that you purchase, for instance, a blazer in your size, but it still doesn’t work well for you. In this case, embrace your curves and visit a tailor to alter this blazer to fit you perfectly. Also, you can have your clothes custom made from scratch. That’s how you can be sure you’ve given your body the garment it deserves.

Find your style

Fashion can be a confidence-booster, but not when you dress for someone else’s taste. While it is true that solid colors and some cuts can make the body look thinner, it is also true that you should choose your outfits based on your style. When you are forced to sacrifice your sense of style for a skinnier look, you are also throwing your self-esteem away. Discover a style that makes you feel best, and stick to it, regardless whether that is a solid-color body embracing outfit or a totally out-there polka dots pin up dress.

Skinny isn’t necessarily healthy

What’s the most important thing your body needs? To be healthy. If you think that skinny is by its nature healthy, you are wrong. The secret to a healthy body is eating a balanced diet which includes all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need. Physical activity (the one that suits you the best, ranging from walking and dancing to gym workouts and jogging) is essential for good health. Exercise is also believed to build confidence.



Remember, don’t let a day go by without someone telling you you’re beautiful. You be that someone, because you know and appreciate the struggles and challenges you face each day.