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Sydney’s Best Hotel Rooftop Pools and Poolside Bars


If you find yourself in Sydney, Australia and in desperate need of refreshment on a hot day, you don’t have to suffer through annoying traffic and fight for your place at the Bondi Beach! Just put these amazing rooftop pools and bars on your radar and you’ll always have a place to swim, grab a drink, and a snack high up from the noise and hustle of the city!

Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour

Sofitel, Darling Harbor

Even though it’s very new, Sofitel already has a pretty number of fans thanks to its amazing views of Darling Harbor (these are truly Instagram gold) and the entire Central Business District. Choose any one of their 590 rooms and you’ll be blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows with an amazing view! Another attraction of Sofitel is definitely its amazing infinity pool and the poolside bar. Just plunge in and resurface to get a breathtaking view of the Harbor and Sydney skyline. And, this pool closed to the public which means no busy tourist activity—just peace, refreshing water and plenty of tasty drinks and bites to go with your swim! Later, you can explore Sydney and join the other tourists on a fun city adventure.

The Old Clare Hotel, Chippendale, Sydney

The Old Clare Hotel, Chippendale

Don’t let the name fool you—The Old Clare Hotel is not old at all! Well, the hotel itself is new, but it stretches across two very significant heritage buildings—The Claire Hotel pub and Carlton & United Breweries Administration Building. The guys and girls of The Old Clare Hotel tried to stay true to the period retaining the original brick walls, high ceilings and the general vibe of the times. Thanks to their efforts, Sydney has been blessed with one of the most interesting, unique and significant properties bellowed by the local bohemians, artists and intellectuals and tourists from all spheres of life. If you happen to visit The Old Clare Hotel, you’ll also get the chance to enjoy one of the most interesting rooftop pools in the city. However, this pool is definitely not secluded and peaceful! It’s a playful urban center where you can enjoy the city from a new perspective, bask in city lights, cool off and meet all sorts of fun people! And of course, you can have a refreshing drink with your swim!

Ivy Pool Club, CBD, Sydney

Pool Club, CBD

If you want to get away from the Sydney urban vibe, even for a few hours, your safest bet is to head to the Ivy Pool Club. Their Italian atmosphere, rich wine list and plenty of tasty food choices will definitely help you relax and unwind! You can even get a private cabana which comes with its own waiter who will treat you like you deserve! If you’re aiming to relax, opt for a workday and get a pizza with your wine or antipasti with your aperitivo. However, if you’re up for a poolside party, go on Saturdays and enjoy some of the hottest tracks in Hip-Hop and RnB brought to you by the one-and-only Ministry of Sound!


InterContinental, Double Bay, Sydney

InterContinental, Double Bay

For a true taste of the French luxury, you must stay at InterContinental in Double Bay. This oasis of peace far away from the busy city vibe, tucked away in the suburbs, will give you all you need for an amazing holiday. They have 140 rooms, a spa, a gym and beautiful Parisian balconies. However, its main star is definitely its infinity pool on the top floor. You’ll get to enjoy one of the best views in the whole city and take in the harbor and the city panorama. Just like the whole hotel, the rooftop pool and bar are very chic, yet relaxing and unfussy. Just don’t miss on getting a lazy Saturday brunch by the pool!



Now, all you have left to do is carry your bathing suit wherever you go and get ready to swim across the Sydney rooftops!


The best rooftop and pool bars in Sydney, Australia