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Real Talk for Women


I’m just gonna say it.  Women have periods.  

Yep.  Did I shock you by saying that.  

Are you a woman reading this and did you just cringe.  Well get over it.  

It’s a fact of life.  It happens.  It’s time to stop making this such a taboo subject and empower women to feel comfortable with and in their bodies.  (insert strong arm emoji) Because we have the power!


U by Kotex is doing just that.  Empowering women and girls to feel comfortable again.  To be confident.  Be truthful.  Be adventurous.  Be excited.  

I mean how else would you get middle and high school students to throw pads in the air like they just don’t care?  Because #noshameintheirgame This is real life people. 


In the pursuit of fearless femininity and independence, I’m excited that tampons have evolved and U by Kotex has these super cute wrappers for their pads and tampons now!  It’s about time. Right!  Out with the old and in with the new!  Who cares about being discrete.  Be bold!  Be YOU!

U by Kotex has the cutest wrappers that come in a variety of colors so you don’t have to be embarrassed and you can keep your cool and go with the flow.  



The worst thing in the world is being unprepared. Whether you’re going somewhere or you’re already there being “stuck” without what you need is the worst. When you’re prepared you can be confident and fearless and adventurous! Nothing can slow you down!  No need to be ashamed anymore.

Remember the time when you were too afraid to go in the store and buy your own tampons?  Yeah, we’ve all been there.  Well… that time is over because U by Kotex is the new black!

Prepare yourself and skip the “oh shoot” feeling.  During the month of September U by Kotex is offering a bonus Kleenex wallet pack only at WalMart! The perfect packs to stash in your purse and emergency places so you’ll always be prepared!

A few places you should stash your cute U by Kotex sleek tampons or pads so you’re never unprepared:
– The boyfriends house
– Your purse
– In your car
– Beach bag
– On the boat
– Parents house
– Locker
– Gym bag
– Home and apt bathroom(s) / Guest room (your guests should always feel comfortable too)
– At work or school
– Bring them on weekend trips and vacations
– Camping
– Lake house
– Mountain house 

Basically anywhere you go where stores are forever away or you’d have to ask someone to take you.  It’s better to just be prepared just in case.
Now that U by Kotex has given you the power and freedom to be fearless don’t be afraid to flaunt it… because girl, you’re fabulous!

xoxo Ady



*Sponsored by U by Kotex