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Perfecting Your Pitch to Secure More Brand Deals

Are you tired of sending numerous cold emails and receiving nothing but silence in return? Rest assured, you’re not alone.

Many content creators face challenges when it comes to their pitches, particularly the call to action at the end of their emails.

Developing a Compelling CTA

CTA means call to action and there needs to be one in each email you send. Otherwise, it’s just a statement. CTA’s ask for something. Mastering the art of concluding a cold email is crucial, and it’s time for you to become proficient in it. We will address three key aspects:

  1. Avoiding Ambiguity
  2. Avoiding Excessive Demands
  3. Providing Value

Let’s delve into each one…

Avoiding Ambiguity

One common mistake creators make is concluding their emails with a vague or nonspecific CTA. Questions like “What do you think?” or “Let me know if you’re interested?” won’t suffice.

Why? Because it requires the reader to think and generate a response. This additional effort negatively impacts your response rate. Instead, be specific in your requests.

Avoiding Excessive Demands

The second error creators often commit is demanding too much commitment right from the start. Phrases like “Let’s set up a 30-minute discovery call” or “Here are my rates” convey an overly forceful and hurried approach.

Remember, the recipient doesn’t know you. Requesting 30 minutes of their time as a stranger is a significant ask. It’s unrealistic to expect them to buy in without having witnessed the value you provide.

Providing Value

So, how should you conclude your cold emails? Keep it simple, low-commitment, and, most importantly, offer value.

You want to make it incredibly easy for them to respond and pique their curiosity. Consider using lines like:

  • “Can I share a few content ideas with you?”
  • “I’ve previously created content for a similar brand. Link an example and then add let me know if you’d like to see more examples.”
  • “I’d love to send you a short 2-3 minute video showcasing my organic TikTok strategy and how it can benefit you. Would you like me to send it?”

By employing this approach, you achieve two objectives: initiating a conversation and providing upfront value.

Implement this strategy, and you’ll witness a tremendous boost in your outbound deals.

To summarize:

  • Be specific, not vague, in your CTA.
  • Avoid making excessive demands early on, as it can be off-putting.
  • Make it effortless for recipients to respond and always offer value. This is crucial for initiating a productive conversation and enhancing your chances of securing a job opportunity.


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