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How brand deals with influencers work

Do you ever find yourself contemplating how to transform your aspirations of becoming an influencer into reality?

Brands actively pursue you for endorsements; your followers adore you, and your actions garner approval. The captivating images, the time freedom, traveling the world, reviewing the newest products, receiving PR packages, great experiences, and glamorous moments are sufficient to create an intense longing for a radiant lifestyle.

Getting “brand deals,” also known as “brand sponsorships”, is one of the best ways to make money as an influencer. This involves partnering or collaborating with a brand to promote their products and services for a defined period. 

👉🏼 The moment you become the “brand ambassador” of a company, your utmost responsibility is to portray them in a positive light to your audience.    

In essence, a brand pays you, the influencer, for access to your audience. 

What are brand deals?

A “brand deal” is a partnership between a creator and a brand and is sometimes referred to as a “brand sponsorship” or “collaboration” too.

The brand pays the influencer/creator for access to their audience. You create the branded content and work it into your normal daily content. Really skilled influencers will make the “sponsored post” feel like it fits right into their daily content without skipping a beat. This takes practice.

How do brand deals work?

👉🏼 If you strongly believe that you align well with a particular brand, share its values, and resonate with its target audience, what you want to do is reach out and pitch yourself!

👉🏼 Express your interest and ask if they have any opportunities available for you 

👉🏼 Afterwards, go ahead and negotiate on deliverables and compensation. And then review and sign the contract. 

👉🏼 Going forward, you want to prepare and deliver drafts for the content you’ll post for them for approval. And then, make any revisions and get approval and dates for posting. 

As a brand partner, you can enjoy various perks, including receiving products, discounts, commissions, or financial compensation. In exchange, brands anticipate you to promote them on your platforms, create engaging content, and drive product sales.

As a top-notch influencer, you must be able to seamlessly integrate branded content into your regular posts, skillfully making sponsored posts feel like a natural part of your daily content. 💯

Of course, this level of proficiency requires practice.

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Here are just a few of our student’s wins:

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