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What is a Pajama Lounge and How to Create Your Very Own PJ Lounge in 5 Easy Steps


A room dedicated to lounging around in your pajamas? Count us in!

If you’re not too familiar with the specifics of a pajama lounge, imagine a room where you just watch TV, hang out, and eat a snack or two before you head downstairs — all while wearing your comfiest attire.

Homeowners aren’t redesigning homes to include this innovative and exciting new room — abodes throughout the country already have a pajama lounge waiting for purpose upstairs! While the name attached to this space may be a new concept, upstairs dwellings are a relatively old concept.

If you had a play area upstairs as a child or currently have a room where your family gathers on the second floor, this constitutes as a second living room — also referred to as a pajama lounge.

Who doesn’t want a second relaxation area they can lounge around in without having to go downstairs? You can easily convert any upstairs space into a private resting room you can escape to throughout the day by following these quick and easy steps:

1.Opt for Soothing and Tranquil Colors

If you find yourself surrounded by a room of dark or dingy wallpaper that’s chipping away in every corner, it’s time for a makeover with a little-added splash of color.

The color of a room gives the surrounding area a sense of personality. While you may be tempted to paint your walls in a vibrant burgundy that mimics your favorite red, it’s best to put down the dark shades and opt for soothing light blues, greens, and whites instead.

Studies show that color can have a dramatic effect on our mood, especially when that color is splashed onto the four walls of our room. Eliminate stress and unwanted worries in your pajama room full of neutral and relaxing hues.

2. Step onto Smooth Carpet and Rugs

Kick off and your shoes and sink your feet into smooth and soft fibers that allow you to unwind properly. What good is a room dedicated to comfort if you had to step onto cold or hard floors in the process? If your room isn’t already furnished with carpentry, a throw rug offers a simple and affordable solution that surrounds you with a cushiony soft layer of comfort.

Adding a rug to your space also plays as an accent piece that defines and unifies your larger overarching theme and décor. Opt for a neutral carpet when your décor is already vibrant or assign your rug the role of accenting for added flair in an otherwise tone-downed surrounding.

3. Hang up Your Picasso’s and Family Portraits

So you might not have Van Gogh’s The Starry Night laying around in your basement, waiting to be strung up in your new pajama lounge for added interest. But we guarantee you have a picture or two that’s sure to add a sense of zeal — and comfort — to your new favorite room.

Pictures give your room an added je ne sais quoi that personalizes your area with a touch of customization. Do you have a favorite photo of your four-legged friend chasing his tail that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else? Is your favorite painting still in its frame in the attic with nowhere to display? Hang them up in your pajama lounge!

The best part of a private relaxation area is that you don’t have to satisfy anybody but yourself. You can arrange your living room downstairs for your guests, but the upstairs lounge is your haven.

4. Add a Relaxing Aroma

Essential oils such as lavender and frankincense have a history of therapeutic properties that date back to Biblical Times. There’s a reason people have relied on the use of aromas for relief throughout the centuries — certain scents produce a tranquilizing effect that calms your mind during moments of stress.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a diffuser or burn a candle for quicker relief. Your pajama lounge is the place you’ll go to make yourself at home, and a room full of indulgent aromas makes taking a breather even easier.

5. Turn Your Furniture into Comfort Accessories

You may have a chair or two you can add to your newly renovated room, but do you have any comfort accessories to accompany them? We’re talking about pillows, memory foam, bean bags — the whole nine yards.

Your pajamas shouldn’t be the only thing providing you comfort in your relaxation lounge. Invest in a quality line of plush and soft accessories you can collapse into with ease after a hard-earned day spent building up to these moments of unwinding.

Transform your home by turning a mundane room into a private space crafted just for your comfort! With a few plushy pillows, a dash of color, and an added touch of personalization, you can flawlessly revamp your upstairs to include a warm and cozy abode that ties your interior together.