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Packing for Norway in Winter: Everything You Need to Bring

Wondering what you should be packing for Norway in winter?

Planning your packing list for Norway in the colder months doesn’t sound easy, especially if you’re not used to extremely low temperatures. I’ve put together a perfect packing list with everything you’ll need to bring along to Norway (and make sure you don’t, like, freeze to death).

One thing I can’t stress enough, however, is that packing for Norway heavily depends on the activities you plan on doing. If you’re mostly into sightseeing around cities, you don’t need to pack anything extra special, but if you plan on taking nature tours around the country, like adventuring around the Arctic Circle, you’ll want to make sure you bring a few essentials with you (but don’t stress too much over it, either – if you forget something, you’ll definitely be able to find everything you need in any Norwegian town!)

What to wear in Norway: A complete packing list and outfit examples

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Tip: Packing arctic clothes is not really necessary. If your Norway itinerary only involves visiting cities, even less so. If you’re planning on doing tours in nature, be it a trip north to see the Aurora Borealis, a fjord cruise, or anything else, most tour packages offer thermal clothing and footwear for you to wear. Still, make sure to double-check that this is included in your package.


Winter boots – Make sure they’re waterproof! If you’re only going to spend time in cities, you can wear any type of boots as long as you wear thick socks underneath, but if you plan on heading out to nature, a pair of sturdy winter boots is essential. These ones are cute.


Wool sweaters – Pack tons of these so you can layer up as much or as little as you need.

Coat or winter jacket – This one sounds obvious. A coat will do the trick if you plan on just sightseeing the main cities, but if you plan on heading out to a few nature tours, pack a very thick jacket.

Snow pants – These are only necessary if you plan on doing nature activities. For strolling around towns, you can wear any type of pants you want. We love these snow pants!


Thermal base layers – You’ll want to layer up while in Norway, and there’s nothing better for that than thermal base layers. While you can get away with wearing jeans in cities, you’ll want to add a thermal layer underneath to make sure the cold doesn’t ruin the fun. Microfiber or fleece works perfectly!

Comfy lounge gear and PJs – Think about what you want to lounge around in once you’re back at the hotel. Flannel PJs or some comfy sweats. Anything soft and cozy!


Don’t forget to grab a packing cube to compact all these clothes! You’re going to need one for the larger winter items. 

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Hats, ear warmers, and beanings- warmer the better espeically ones with fleece lining 

Gloves – warm and waterproof!


Wool socks – They’ll keep your feet warm when out and about. Pack a few pairs of these!


Day backpack with rain cover – A day backpack will make your life so much easier in Norway. I highly recommend getting a rain cover for it in case it snows or rains.


Moisturizer – Super important! Norway has a knack for drying skin really fast.




Universal travel adapter – Make sure you pack a universal travel adapter so you can charge all your electronics. We recommend this one.

Camera – Norway in the winter is one of the most gorgeous destinations to visit. Don’t forget your camera to take pictures of all the beautiful places you’ll see!

Phone + portable charger: Batteries drain really fast in the cold, so a portable charger is essential in Norway. 


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As you can see, packing for Norway in winter isn’t that hard! With this packing list, you’ll definitely be prepared to brave the cold and have an amazing time in this incredible country!


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Wondering what to pack for Norway in winter? Here is the ultimate packing list with everything you need to bring to survive the cold!