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Our Stay At Aruba Ocean Villas Overwater Bungalow

Reviewing our stay at Aruba Ocean Villas

Babymooning at it’s finest! Let’s be honest, you don’t have to be on a babymoon to stay at Aruba Ocean Villas, just go to Aruba and book your stay. You won’t regret it! Who knew you could find overwater bungalows in the Caribbean! This place is a dream. It’s secluded, which I love, and so relaxing. I definitely came home feeling refreshed.


Check out our stay at Aruba Ocean Villas!


Reviewing our stay at Aruba Ocean Villas


Hotel + Rooms at Aruba Ocean Villas

Founded in 2017 by an Aruban-native artist, what once started as the island’s trendiest restaurant was expanded into an enchanting boutique hotel decorated with colorful art. If you prefer staying at places that have personality and soul, you’ll definitely love it here! Bonus: Ocean Villas is pet-friendly, so you don’t have to leave your furbabies behind!

The rooms are extremely dreamy beach front and overwater bungalows. In the mood for a quick dip in the ocean? All you need to do is walk out the door! It is a very private setting with only 7 available villas. But I was told by the owner that they are expanding in 2019! They even have a private two bedroom villa with its very own pool – perfect if you’re traveling with your gals or family.

The hammocks at Aruba Ocean Villas are heaven!


We choose to visit Aruba Ocean Villas for our Babymoon and it was magical. As soon as we stepped on the property I was blown away. I’m pretty sure my mouth stayed open in awe the entire time. It’s like a secluded jungle oasis right on the water. The vibe is unbeatable. I couldn’t get over how gorgeous everything was. You can really tell an artist is the owner.

We stayed in the Dushi Sue, a secluded private overwater bungalow at the end of the property. Dushi Sue is a premium over the water bungalow inspired by their dear friend Sue Campbell, an award-winning travel writer specializing in Tropical Destinations. So I felt it was perfect for us!

A few things to note, this is one of the largest open floor plan bungalows with 1000 sq ft. It opens from literally every angle so you can really feel that Aruba breeze, and it’s strong! The bungalow isn’t air conditioned BUT the bed is! The bed is covered with mosquito net and there is an AC unit above the bed that makes sleeping a dream. I don’t even understand how that magic works but I’m obsessed. We were beyond comfortable. Not that you’ll be working but the WiFi worked great, there was a Bluetooth speaker and sound system available so we could listen to jams while swinging in the hammock or in the water. Everything was perfect!

Make sure to check out more room and property photos below!

Breakfast with a view at Aruba Ocean Villas!

Food + Bevs

This boutique hotel is home to The Dutch Man & The Sea, a well-known restaurant throughout the island that offers regional dishes like Kashi Yena, the most emblematic dish in the Dutch Caribbean. If you’re more in the mood for a salad, filet mignon, or lobster – you’ll find them all here, too!

You can choose to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner delivered to your villa or you can head to the beachfront restaurant to eat by the water. Make sure to stop by the bar beforehand for a drink and fresh juice. I stuck to fresh pineapple juice during my stay and I couldn’t get enough.

Drinking fresh pineapple juice at the beach in Aruba Ocean Villas

Want to take the romance up a notch? Then ask for a private over the water dinner while the sun sets. It’s beautiful.

Want something more private? Your dining table in your room also has a stove top so the chef on site can come to your room and cook dinner for you!

The customized touches never end! I’m sure if you can think of it, the team at Aruba Ocean Villas can make it happen. They are so nice and so thoughtful.

Romantic dinner by the beach at Aruba Ocean Villas in Aruba


Aruba Ocean Villas isn’t short of amenities, so if you’re up for a spa day or a private dinner by the beach, all you have to do is ask the super friendly team.

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more adventurous, the resort can arrange private tours around the island, as well as fun water activities like paddleboarding and snorkeling.

Once you confirm your booking their concierge will be in touch with you to answer any questions you may have about booking your favorite restaurants or activities while in Aruba. This service is included in your stay and it is completely gratis. If you don’t find what you are looking for in their listed amenities and services below just ask for any special request. 

Here are just some of our standard services they offer.

  • Concierge services

  • Fine Dining Restaurant

  • Spa Services

  • Private Island Tours (including photography tours)

  • Pet-friendly accommodation

  • ​Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Water Activities, i.e. Snorkeling, Paddleboarding, and kayaking

  • Transportation from the airport in a classic car


More Photos From Our Stay at Aruba Ocean Villas


The over water bungalows at Aruba Ocean Villas are a dream!

The decoration at Aruba Ocean Villas is amazing!

The cozy overwater rooms at Aruba Ocean Villas are a dream!

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Lunch with a view in Aruba... Here's why you should stay at Aruba Ocean Villas

The overwater restaurant at Aruba Ocean Villas

Walking by the beach at sunset at the best resort in Aruba!

The team at Aruba Ocean Villas is so friendly!

Dinner by the ocean at Aruba Ocean Villas... if you're looking for the best resort in Aruba, this is it!

Sunset dreaming at the beach in Aruba Ocean Villas

The beach at Aruba Ocean Villas is a must!

A foodies dream in Aruba! The restaurant at Aruba Ocean Villas is a must on your Aruba itinerary!

Bathtub dreams at Aruba Ocean Villas

Having the best time at our overwater deck at Aruba Ocean Villas

Breakfast with the best view at out overwater deck at Aruba Ocean Villas

The perfect bathtub at Aruba Ocean Villas

Our review of Aruba Ocean Villas, the perfect resort to stay in Aruba!

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The best place to stay in Aruba is Aruba Ocean Villas!

The incredible decoration at Aruba Ocean Villas - the best place to stay in Aruba!

The incredible decoration at Aruba Ocean Villas - the best place to stay in Aruba!

The perfect decor at our resort - the best place to stay in Aruba!

The cozy bed at our resort in Aruba

This hotel is the perfect place to stay in Aruba!

Looking for the best place to stay in Aruba? This resort is a dream!

Where to stay in Aruba? This eco lodge is the perfect resort in Aruba!



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Have any questions about our stay or the property? Drop them below or shoot me a message and I’ll make sure to update my post.


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Looking for the best resort to stay in Aruba? This beach front boutique hotel has everything - from overwater bungalows to beach front restaurants and more!


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