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Why You Need to Stop Judging People Who Have Had Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can potentially improve our physical and mental health, help us get rid of insecurities, empower us to be more successful and lead a happier life. Is that so wrong? Here are the key reasons why judging someone for their procedures just isn’t cool!

Natural vs. Fake

The most prevalent argument against plastic surgery is that it is fake and unnatural. People are judging both loudly and silently, and they are targeting ordinary people as well as celebrities. You’ll hear them saying “she is so fake”, “it doesn’t look natural”, “how can I take her seriously after she has done that to her face”, and so on. It is almost considered a sin to do a nose, lip or a boob job. When someone famous does it, it almost inevitably ends up in the news, regardless of whether they want to talk about it or not. The argument which favours natural beauty against the so-called ‘flakiness’ of plastic surgery is based on a misconception that a cosmetic procedure somehow alters your nature. Does it really? And what about everything else we are using, such as hair extensions and hair dyes, make-up and cosmetic products which can erase your under-the-eye circles, plump your skin and flatten pores or fine lines? Isn’t that augmented nature too? Judging someone for a small intervention (we are not talking about anything that’s over-the-top) that barely changes their overall appearance, something that probably isn’t more artificial than contouring, highlighting or wearing a wig, is making too much fuss over a very small thing.

Can Cosmetic Surgery Help us Battle Age Discrimination?

Is it OK to judge an ageing woman who has decided to improve her looks to survive in a society that condones ageism? It is just cruel! And yet, people are doing it every day. Stop for a moment and think how beneficial cosmetic surgery can be for a woman in her forties, fifties or sixties who wants to pursue her dream career or take her business to the next level. A minor procedure such as facial fillers, a tummy tuck, a breast lift, skin tightening or a lip enhancement can do wonders to her self-esteem and significantly improve her business opportunities. In some cases, pretending to be younger is the only option they have and they have to grab that opportunity (have you seen the show ‘Younger’?). We live in a world contaminated with micro fascisms, so we need to think about cosmetic surgery as one of the ways to fight against age discrimination.

Why do Looks Matter in the World of Business?

We all know that the way we look helps us find partners, but sometimes we forget that appearance is increasingly important in the world of business too. Over the past couple of years, being an influencer has become a career option, and that involves investing in your looks. But looking better and younger actually helps you find better jobs and earn more money, regardless of your profession. It has become more obvious with the rise of social media (nowadays everyone has to work on their social media profiles to get better career opportunities and build up their portfolios), but the basic principle has always been the same. Our physical appearance is that first impression we give to employers and customers and therefore it has to be good. Cosmetic surgery that fixes your insecurities and makes you look better can therefore significantly improve your chances to bag the perfect job, represent your company or sell your own product.


The Key Reasons Why You Should Stop Judging Right Now

Still not convinced? Here are the key reasons why you should stop ridiculing or humiliating anyone who has had a cosmetic procedure to fix their insecurities:

  • Cosmetic surgery actually improves your health
  • Whether someone has done it or not is their own private matter
  • Looking better can help you live a happier life
  • A small enhancement can lead to better career opportunities
  • It works against age discrimination

Perhaps you didn’t know that some procedures can even enhance your physical health? For example, rhinoplasty can improve your breathing, a breast reduction can help relieve back pain and a blepharoplasty can improve vision. Many people suffer from depression and anxiety just because they are unhappy with their face (or their body). Whenever you start judging someone because of their makeover, remember that you don’t know their real reasons. Maybe they are recovering from an illness, or they have suffered from anxiety just because of their looks. Or maybe they are convinced that a minor procedure might help them start fresh, change their lifestyle and find a new partner or pursue their dream career. It is their private thing, and nobody should judge them for what they do to their own body. There is nothing bad about it, as long as they don’t overdo it. And even then – it is still their body!