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chrome nails

Jump On The Chrome Nail Trend!

chrome nails

Current mood. Bold shit. If you saw on snapchat or insta story I went unicorn.  And I’m loving my hair! Speaking of things I love, I’m so into chrome nails right now! The chrome nail trend is definitely for me! I love it because it’s different. You know that quote be daring, be different. #LifeMotto Do it. I started with the regular (haha lol nothing is regular when it comes to chrome) but I went with the silver chrome my first go round. And loved it.  You can find that video on our Facebook page! For Fall, I spiced it up with a darker “fall” chrome. It almost looks burgundy but then changes to a gold color. I’m obsessed!

It’s very similar to the gel nail process. Basically they take the chrome powder and rub it on top of a clear or color coat of polish.  They either press it down or rub it in like eyeshadow and you get to see the chrome magic appear before your eyes! It’s soooo cool and there are so many different chrome colors you can choose from!


You can check out the video of the process below!


Happy to be sharing this #ManiMonday with y’all! What nail trend are y’all loving? What have you been dying to try? Get ready for my holographic nails… because it’s coming!!