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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to the rescue


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to the rescue


I have three room mates, 2 dogs, and a fiancé so trust me when I say keeping your house clean can be difficult. Not only that but I just had my kitchen remodeled and that made a HUGE mess!  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is tough on dirt, grease, and grime all around the house. BUT I have a dirty little secret? I don’t clean, but when I do, I use Mr.Clean magic eraser to clean smarter not harder. 


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to the rescue

1. Cleans pet messes + dirt and grime off walls and baseboards

I have 2 dogs but I don’t want my house to look or smell like it. I’d rather someone say oh, you have two dogs? Even my clean and cute dogs can leave grime on the white baseboards. And when they’re dirty doggies… ermaaahhhgerd, the stains they leave on the walls is brutal. Trust me its gross, and I’m not really sure how it even gets there. The only thing I’ve found that gets dirt and grime off the walls and baseboards without damaging the paint is Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. 


2. Cleans water/drip stains and moisture marks on walls

My shower doesn’t have any walls and the occasional water [read: all the time] splatters and gets on the wall. It leaves a drip or water stain. I’ve found that Mr.Clean Magic Eraser literally erases those in no time. 

3. Cleans hand prints off walls and doors, shoe scuffs off steps + more

Having 3 room mates can be tricky. We are constantly moving and carrying things up the stairs and I started to notice there were grimy hand prints on the walls and doors, shoe scuffs on the steps, plus scratches, and marks on the wall. Mr. Clean got rid of all of that and my house looks like new again. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘lived in’ look and Mr.Clean helped my house sparkle again! 
Jillian Harris shared her dirty little secret when it comes to cleaning – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – that lets you clean smarter, not harder.
It’s true, any surface, any color, any type of stain – Mr.Clean does the job. My mom actually saw some new Mr.Clean packages sitting on my counter to use and she asked to take them home. I’m all for sharing but not my Mr.Clean! So no lady (lol) get your own. Sorry Mom. 

Check out my video for Mr.Clean below!
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