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Miley Cyrus BANGERZ Tour

Miley Cyrus BANGERZ Tour…. one word… CRAZY!   Ok there are probably more words like insane, wow, epic, amazing, legit, best concert ever, nuts, fun, explicit, raunchy, creative, I mean the list goes on!
Bottom line: BEST. CONCERT. EVER.  and I would totally pull an Almost Famous move and follow the tour around if it wasn’t cancelled.  The show was great!  I hate Miley is sick and I hope she gets well soon so everyone else can see what an amazing performer and singer she is!
I went to the Raleigh show and was so lucky because she had cancelled Charlotte the night before so I was really worried!  Luckily she came on and was so honest and real and said our energy was healing.  It was the show of a lifetime!
I could listen to the Miley BANGERZ cd on repeat all day everyday… wait I already do that.  It’s great and not to mention the lyrics are so relatable! 
From flying hot dogs to twerking and spanking to leotard outfits to riding out legs open dancing in money to sliding down her own tongue to dancing with midgets and coke to spitting water on us to a super real acoustic set and heart felt speech to crying and showing real raw emotion to old school party in the USA the whole entire thing was such an experience!  I still get goose bumps watching this!
I never thought I’d end up at a Hannah Montana show but the girl can sing. 

RIP Floyd