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Why I Want To Live In A Tiny Home + A $150 Giveaway and Link Up With #LoveBlog

hgtv tiny home living tiny house luxury tiny home tiny heirloom travel blogger travel blog

hgtv tiny home living tiny house luxury tiny home tiny heirloom travel blogger travel blog

hgtv tiny home living tiny house luxury tiny home tiny heirloom travel blogger travel blog

hgtv tiny home living tiny house luxury tiny home tiny heirloom travel blogger travel blog

hgtv tiny home living tiny house luxury tiny home tiny heirloom travel blogger travel blog
photos via Tiny Heirloom

I’m writing this as I pack for France which reminds me how much I love traveling! The wanderlust is real! It does’t help that I’m a travel blogger and get inspired from amazing travel photos on Instagram. I read about different locations and other people traveling and it makes me want to travel that much more.

In fact, I had this great idea to downsize into a tiny home so we’d be able to travel the world. I have HGTV on in the background while I’m working most days, so hearing that tiny house commercial where the guy says, “It’s a freedom from stuff, from rent, and the ability to just get up and go whenever you feel like.”  That message resonates with me since those are my goals…to have more experiences and less possessions.  If my friends are reading this, they are probably thinking WTF Ady! Because if you really know me, you know I have a lot of stuff.  I admit, I like stuff.  The UPS and FedEx men are practically my BFF because they come to the house so much. Don’t imagine the hoarder image because, for the most part, it’s all cute and organized. The question is, can I give it up to travel?!

If I made this move to Tiny House living in order to travel the world, it would be a significant [read: HUGE] deal for me to downsize. It’s a total lifestyle change. But I’ve done the Louis Vuitton collection, the house, the cars, and I’m ready to move on from that.  I want to experience life and not just in 1mm of the map but the entire freaking thing! Get up and go.

So I asked myself, what’s stopping me from traveling the world? Let’s see…my job, money, my family, fear of instability, fear of the unknown. Could I really leave everything I’ve ever known to live in a tiny home with my husband and travel the world? The more research I do, the more I have realized, I can do this! I want to do this!

What do you think? Could you do it? Do you love traveling so much that you could up root your day to day life to see the world? Obviously, the tiny home option isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world. There are tons of options. The tiny home life just appeals to me…right now.

Funny story. After showing interest, I was actually approached by Tiny Home Luxury to be on the show! Tiny Heirloom was going to build us a totally custom luxury tiny home! Eeeekkk! I 100% want to do it but unfortunately I don’t think Atlanta is ready for the movement just yet since we can’t find anywhere to keep it. Total bummer. Fingers crossed the tiny home community will be ready soon!

hgtv tiny home living tiny house luxury tiny home tiny heirloom travel blogger travel blog

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Ady is the founder of Verbal Gold Blog, a Global lifestyle and travel blog she runs with her best friends, the #VGBsquad! She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two dogs, a pitbull boxer mix and yellow lab, with goals to travel the world! She loves all things gold, confetti, and glitter. Roll Tide!

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Caitlin is a twenty-something southern belle currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite working full-time in PR, she spends every spare moment traveling around the South and the world, and capturing the sights. She’s all about leaving a little Southern charm wherever she goes.


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  • True story:

    Before Dan and I got married, we were looking for a place to live together in Findlay, Ohio. I was still in my apartment in Columbus, and he was still renting a room at his brother’s house. I suggested we just buy land and build a tiny house. He has tons of experience working with Habitat for Humanity, so Dan could have easily built our house for us.

    But he reminded me that I wanted to move back South eventually, and that we would struggle to sell a tiny house. So we ended up renting a house. Now we’re in Duluth, renting a townhouse.

  • My husband and I at one point talked about building and living in a tiny house, but our problem was property. He wanted to live close to where he works, in the city. And, unfortunately, given the high prices of property ITP, that just wasn’t a possibility for us when we married. And since we are still paying down student loan debt, it still isn’t… 🙁 But I’m totally with you on the whole concept of living small, owning little, and traveling lots! If we never own a house but travel the world, I will be super happy. 🙂

  • I love the idea of tiny homes, but I’m not sure if I could actually do it or not. If I could sort of test drive the life for a bit, that would be awesome.

  • I would love to be able to live in a tiny home. However, my husband is a pack rat and we have so much stuff I would have to get rid of (yay!!).

  • That “tiny house” isn’t much smaller than my real house! 🙂 hahah Those would be nice to, maybe, vacation in, but I’m not sure I could live there long-term.

  • I have been seeing some amazing tiny homes lately. My Son is really interested in it and watches a bunch of Documentary’s about them.

  • I love the idea of tiny living and like you I have HGTV on all the time. Mostly to watch Fixer Upper, but I’m intrigued with living life on the road traveling from place to place. I love that. Now I can’t see doing that with two kids and a husband who wants a 60 inch TV, but I love the idea. I know that if it were just me, that’s how I’d live.

  • I’m also fascinated with tiny home living. My husband is more obsessed by it. We love to travel and he dreams of driving around the country with all our things loaded in a truck aka tiny home.

  • I love the idea of traveling lite in all aspects of your life. The anchor that material items place on us is hard to see and very real. Congrats to you for embracing travel and following your passion. Your tiny house is beatiful!

  • I love the way tiny homes are decorated, they look so functional. I need that in my large home and since I haven’t figured out how to do that yet I guess I am not ready for a tiny home.

  • I really do not think I could live in a tiny house, my BFF from childhood just built one in Oklahoma with her husband. They have 3 kids too! I just cannot imagine!

  • I would love to live in a tiny home. However, with kids, I just don’t think it is possible. Plus, my husband loves his space. With my health issues, I couldn’t do stairs so sleeping in a loft is out too.

  • I love the Tiny house idea… HGTV usually gets me in trouble because I want to do everything I see on the shows they have on there… I’ll have to wait for my tiny home until the kids get older and move out, otherwise we’d drive each other nuts being cramped into tight quarters!

  • I love hearing about all these tiny homes. I use to watch this on t.v. often. I think it would be fun, but not sure about that with kids. It would be to crowded for us.

  • Love Minted – and yes, I would totally live in a tiny house if I didn’t have so many kids and animals, LOL. I think it would be so financially freeing! []

  • I’d totally love to live in a tiny house. Especially one that’s as cute as the photos in this post.

  • Wow! That is probably the most beautiful tiny house I’ve ever seen! Unfortunately I couldn’t live in one of those.

  • Now I want to live in a tiny house! It looks cozy and quite peaceful as well.

  • That is such a beautiful tiny house and so cozy. I would love to live in one especially if it’s that pretty. 🙂

  • It would definitely be a big change to move into a home that tiny. But that place looks like it’s really quite a functional space and very well designed.

  • I think the whole tiny house concept sounds amazing but I don’t think I could do it! If I lived alone I totally could though

  • I’ve seen the shows with Tiny houses and they look like they would be perfect for small families.

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