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Creating a Great Summer Wardrobe for Yourself

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Now that the summer is here it is time to update your wardrobe. That way you will be ready to enjoy all of the opportunities that the warmer, and longer, days bring. When, at the last moment, someone invites you to spend a day on the beach, you will be ready and able to accept their invitation, and enjoy yourself.

Try on what you already have

If you have not tried your swimming costume on since last year, it is time to do so. It is important to check that it still fits and that you are still happy with the way you look in it. If it is no longer suitable buy a new one. Right now, there are some great bikinis and one-pieces available here. They are all stylish and well made, and are available in a big range of sizes.

Do the same with your dresses, t-shirts, shorts and skirts. Put aside anything that no longer fits to give to friend´s or charity, and put any worn clothes in the recycling bin. Remember to try your shoes and sandals on, as well, and discard any that you no longer like, or are worn out.

Now, take what you have left, and lay it out on the bed in outfits. Doing this enables you to work out where the gaps are in your summer wardrobe.

Make a shopping list

Now you can sit down and make a targeted shopping list. Put a star next to those items that you absolutely must buy, so that you do not forget them. As you go, note down the colour or style you think will fit in best with what you already own.

Shop for versatile clothing

Whenever possible buy items that are easy to mix and match. This is the best way to create as many outfit options as possible.

To help you to decide what to wear take a look at the outfits you already own. If you find yourself frequently wearing certain items or creating a specific look, buy more items of clothing that you know will fit in with what you already like, and wear the most.

Buy good quality clothes when you can

When you go shopping, look at the quality of the clothes you are buying. The better they are made the longer they will stay looking good, and the more use you will get out of each item. Of course, if you know you are only going to be wearing something a few times, buying something that is high quality is not so important.

Try everything on together

Before putting what you have bought away take the time to try it on with other items that you already own. This will help you to decide whether you should keep it or exchange it for something more suitable.

Buy some new accessories

It is always worth buying some new accessories. Doing this is a fast way to freshen up your look, and help you to get more out of the clothes that you own. This post shows you how to do it.