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Insta-Worthy Travel Outfits For Your Baby

I’ve been planning Colton’s first plane ride since he was a baby. I mean he went on 28 flights before he was even born. I’m a little nervous [read: have major anxiety] about how it’s going to go (which I’m sure is fine). We’ve been prepping and testing his tolerance with a few road trips to Barnsley Gardens and to Charleston but a flight is a whole other ball game. As a new mom, all the “firsts” are major moments. Mostly, I’m just excited to dress him up in a cute travel themed outfits and to show him around a new place. I planned out his travel outfits so early, some of them don’t even fit him anymore. Bummer.

These travel looks are so cute you’re going to want to snatch them up for your baby boy!

Let me know which ones are your favorites!