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How To Write Epic Content in Under Half an Hour

As a blogger, being able to produce lots of content regularly is key to running a successful blog, so learning how to create blog posts fast is a task you must master! Here's how to write epic content in under half and hour! #blogging

As a blogger, we are expected to consistently pump out quality content in order to increase our reader base. But, that’s not the end because along with that we have to enroll in activities like managing our blog, promoting it, responding to emails/comments, engaging with fellow bloggers, and many more.

So, it’s pretty obvious that, in this business, proper time management is a crucial factor to achieve favorable outcomes. However, many of us fail to achieve that mostly because we spend too much time behind researching and writing blog posts.

But, what if I tell you that it’s possible to get write epic content in under half an hour?

Sounds interesting, right?

Before moving forward, remember that this is about increasing your efficiency so that you can invest more time in things like promotion and networking but, I’m not suggesting that you should deliver something subpar in the name of efficiency.

So, with that in mind, let’s begin with how you can write epic content in under a half-hour.

How To Write Epic Content in Under Half Hour

How To Write Epic Content in Under a Half Hour

1. The basics

Here are a few things to keep in mind before jumping to the actual technique.

  • Know your tools – Switching tools frequently is a highly time-consuming and confusing process. So, get comfortable with a few first and stick with them.
  • Optimize your environment – Have a designated place that allows you to focus ultimately on your work.
  • Plan on the go – You won’t get enough time to plan your content when you start writing so, start looking for resources, studies, keywords, topics, etc. on the internet at least a week before.
How To Write Epic Content in Under Half Hour

2. Define your objective ( 0-2 minutes)

Think about a few things first to define your objective. This will help with your flow.

  • How long do you want this post to be?
  • What unique points are you going to add to your content?
  • Are you fully prepared to write about the said topic?
  • What’s your purpose behind writing this post?

3. Prepare an outline (2-8 minutes)

Take 5-6 minutes to create a basic structure for your post.

  • Figure out the main header (H1, H2) and make sure you add your targeted keyword in them.
  • Fill the sub-headers (H3s)
  • Add a few details or ideas to the sub-headers
  • Write the intro and conclusion draft.

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4. Write the body of your post ( 8-20 minutes)

Now that you have a basic plan of what you’re going to include under your sub-headers, start elaborating your ideas.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while doing that in order to save time:

  • If you’re struggling with a certain point then, don’t remain stuck there. Skip it entirely or come back to it later.
  • If you think that what you’re writing is not intriguing then, quickly add a few statistics and facts to make it more informative.
  • Always prefer bullet points instead of paragraphs. Not only do they save your time but also make your posts look elaborative.

5. Write your introduction (20-22 minutes)

Intros are like first impressions so craft them properly.

Here’s what you can add in intros to be done them quickly:

  • Add cliffhangers to make them interesting.
  • Ask worthwhile questions.
  • Use an anecdote (something that happened to you, something funny, a quote, etc)
  • Start with an interesting fact or statistic.

6. Call –To– Action (22-24 minutes)

How To Write Epic Content in Under Half Hour
  • CTA is an essential part of an epic blog post so make sure that you don’t leave them out.
  • Invite your readers to comment
  • Spark debates by asking controversial questions
  • Ask them to download your e-book, join the mailing list, or to share your content on the various social media platforms.

7. Add multimedia and edit your work (24-30 minutes)

You don’t need to add tons of images, just include 2-3 high-quality photos that will make your post exciting to read. Remember you don’t have the time to edit them, so it’s better to have paid subscriptions to get quality stock photos. If paying for images is out of your budget, you can also head over to websites like Unsplash where you can find free photos.

Finally, edit your work to perfection.

Here’s what to check in the limited time that you have:

  • Check for keyword frequency and placement.
  • Read loudly to check spelling, grammar, and flow of your content.
  • Ensure that your introduction is captivating.
  • Make sure you’ve added proper links (outbound and inbound)

Lastly, note that this is a general process, it may require some alterations according to your preferences and circumstances. So, make sure you experiment with it to customize it for yourself.

Do let me know what other techniques you use to write your blog posts quickly in the comments, let’s share a few ideas to help each other