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How to Throw a Slumber Party #likeaboss pt. 2

Just because you’re in your 20’s or 30’s (cough, cough) doesn’t mean you can’t have a slumber party or a good ole girls night in. You don’t need to sneak out to roll your neighbor or break into your parents booze (and refill with water). It’s time to grab your best girlies and throw a slumber party #likeaboss because “Girls Just Want To Have Fun“.


Essential items needed for a successful girls night… 

1.a. Make a list!  Especially if it’s a gorgeous note pad from Printable Wisdom! 


1.b.  Invite your Girls + Get Comfortable: A bigger group isn’t always better.  Have a comfy spot to relax!  Our go to is “The Cloud” from Z Gallerie.  





2. Pack Comfy Clothes: This could be your VS PJs, yoga pants and your favorite oversized t-shirt, robes or surprise everyone and bust out a onesie. And don’t forget your Snoozies slippers like our glitter ones above! 

Robes + wine = always a must!

3. Stock the Bar: Wine, beer, liquor or make a signature drink like a Watermelon Margarita. We always vote for Vixen Vodka because we love a Vodka made by women for women + it’s gluten free and taste delicious!  We went through these two bottles with a quickness. #sorrynotsorry 


We picked up these super cute gold trophy’s to use as shot glasses!

If you’re not a drinker, make a sweet lemonade.


4. Buy Snacks: Everyone gets the munchies while hanging out and chatting. Have snacks that are easy to eat like pretzels, hummus, popcorn, veggies, chips, and cheese & crackers. These are your best friends; surprise them with their favorite snacks to show them that you really care. With all those food allergies out there make sure you have something for everyone!

These could pass for drunken gummies too! 
(Vixen Vodka + Gummies)

5. Sweets + Candy (bake or buy, no judging here): You’re with a bunch of girls and you know how we crave sweets. Bake some cookies or swing by the bakery and grab some gourmet cupcakes.   Want something custom?  Head to Etsy!  Our favorites are below.  We created the super cute dessert bar below!



These super yummy cake pops, cupcakes, and whoopie pies came from Mae’s Bakery which is our favorite local bakery in Atlanta! They are so easy to work with and it’s the perfect amount of “sweetness”. They are always up for a challenge, be sure to follow them on insta or twitter to see all their creations.
These cookies were amazing!! Literally best things we’ve ever eaten. So soft and creamy and delicious.  They were decorated in the most special custom way that just made our day!  The Verbal Gold Blog cookies with gold icing and gold glitter VGB writing were to die for!  The unicorns and #goldiefoxes were beyond clever.  And that sleep mask was too cute and so perfect for our slumber party!  You can find these cookies at Life Is Sweet on Etsy!  
Oreo Truffles in the making – recipe to come! They were so delicious this is the only picture we could snag before they were eaten up  disappeared. 

6. Put Together a Kicka$$ Playlist and Even Start a Dance Party: Start the vibe off with some fun, upbeat music. 

7. Play Games: Cards with Humanity is a great game to find out how twisted your friends really are or Catch Phrase will get your heart beating.  Even arts and crafts would be fun! 😉 


8. Have a Pillow Fight: Just kidding but we will let guys believe this really does happen. 

9. Pamper Yourselves // Have Someone Come In (Glam Squad, Double Divas, Wine Pairing, Rodan + Fields Rep for Mini Facials): Or give each other makeovers, face masks, or manicures and pedicures. You can even braid each others hair.  I love a good fish tail. 


We had our favorite Rodan + Fields Rep come in for mini facials and skin care tips!  Thank you Carri for our goodie bags!  More on her and their fab products here


10. Wind Down // Head For Bed: Pick your favorite girls night in movies to kick back and relax. Need some ideas – Check out our list here!

The cutest Sweet Dreams and sleep mask cookies were baked by our favorite baker over at Life Is Sweet! We could eat these everyday they are so good!

11. Have Brunch: It’s always good to feed your fave friends a yummy brunch in the morning and by brunch we mean mimosas of course! With a side of chocolate croissants from Mae’s Bakery. YUM!



Oh and we almost forgot the most important part!  Take lots of pics and have so much fun!!  When you get older you really take these girls nights for granted and they are still so fun at any age! We made a backdrop (with gold of course) and made #memories! Love our VGB team! 






What are we missing? Share with us your favorite slumber party essentials below or on instagram!  #goldengirlsnightin


xoxo, Ady + Lindsay

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