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How to Be a Bold Businesswoman in Your Thirties


Being in your thirties, or simply approaching this magical number has probably made you think a lot about your life. Not only do you think about your family, relationship, kids and such, but your career as well. Are you happy with where you are at the moment? Do you want to change paths? Will you be satisfied then? All of these questions are asked quite frequently, and there’s nothing to worry about. Simply answer them truthfully and you’ll see where you’re standing.

Now, if you’re not a bold businesswoman but want to be one, this is your time. No, it’s never too late. No, you shouldn’t have started thinking about that in your twenties. Women in their thirties are always much wiser and think carefully about all the details – and if you add your ability to recognize good advertising and the power of social networks to the mix, this is your time. So, what are the things you need to think about if you want to be a bold businesswoman in your thirties?

Think carefully about what you want to do

The fact that our life expectancy is much higher than the one of the generations before us, it is very difficult to choose only one thing that we want to do for the rest of our lives. Not only that, but the constant change of trends makes this much more difficult for us. Do you still want the same things you wanted 5, 10 or 15 years ago? Probably not, so it’s time to think carefully about what you want to do during the next 10 or 20 years. What are the things that make you happy? Can they be profitable if you put your heart and soul into it? If you think that you want to change careers, or start a new one (if you’re a stay-at-home mom), this is your time. You’re a strong woman and nothing gets in the way of a strong and independent woman!

Are you a franchise type of person?

We agree that it’s very difficult to start from scratch and create something unique, new that still has the tendency to succeed. This is why opting to get involved with a franchise that you believe in is always a great idea. Not only will you have a name behind you, but you also get to be your own business woman while still having a strong company backing you up. If you can visualize yourself in this position, make sure to know what the fastest growing franchises are and immerse into this journey. That way, you will never be alone, and you will get to share all of your experiences with people who are in the same position as you are, without any competitive feeling.

Don’t be afraid to leave your job

Changing your current job can sound very terrifying, and the whole process might seem very daunting. This is when most people stop and go back to their routine, working 9-5 jobs that they don’t enjoy in, even though they have plenty of ideas. The most important thing is not to be scared – the fact that you’re in your thirties doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start something of your own. After all, always ask yourself if the job you have is really that stable. It would be a huge mistake not to trust your instinct and stay at a job that you don’t actually love and end up without it in your forties or your fifties. So, yes – be brave. Bravery will pay off in the end, but make sure that you have money saved on your bank account. Speaking of that…

Save money in advance

Take some time to make a budget plan, especially if you have no money saved. In just six months, you can save a big deal, if you pay attention to the expenses, that is. Having an emergency fund is always very important, regardless of whether you want to change your job or not. However, in this case, it’s good to know that you will have the money that you need just in case your new profession doesn’t come to a great start. Finally, always know that it will be easier for your now to go back to your old job, or find a new, similar one in case something goes wrong or your emergency fund disappears.

Learn how to say NO

Finally, being a bold businesswoman means knowing what the priorities are. Perhaps you’re used to being the “good girl” who is always there to help someone, but bear in mind that the business world is merciless, and so should be you. Don’t mix business with pleasure, and always think about what’s good for you and your business first. Eventually, you will see if you have time to help out other people or not. Always put yourself first and learn how to say “no” – this is what makes every businesswoman bold, strong and respectable.

To sum up – no, it’s not too late to become an independent businesswoman in your thirties. Many managed to do just that, and if you really care about this, are devoted and hard-working, the sky is the limit. Good luck!