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Why Being an Adult Sucks (Or at Least this Week)

Well hello! It’s us again… Ugh, won’t we ever just shut
. (prob not we are girls, talking is sorta our thang). Basically, I’d like to
lodge a formal complaint today. (You listening God, AKA Bloomingdales)
Complaint: Being an adult sucks; royally and officially it
is awful.
WHY on earth do we want to be adults so badly as children?
Holy sh*t this is a classic case of don’t
know what you have until it’s gone.
 First, let me just say how great children have
1.      Someone
feeds you daily, like someone’s life revolves around you eating. Pretty much
the day is devoted to your eating schedule. #selfish

2.      Someone
makes sure you don’t have sh*t on your face or coming out of your nose at any
given time. – what I wouldn’t give to have my mom put a tissue up to my nose
and say “blow” these days. Sheeze.

3.      Mandatory
Naps. (Do I need to elaborate? -Well in case you are of the minority who doesn’t
like to nap, these things are awesome and why couches were created)


4.      No



5.      No work, not having to worry about money, and still getting what you want!  

6.      Limited
Social Interactions

7.      Unlimited
TV and Movies

8.      Someone
f-ing carries and carts you places, like willingly, not just because you took
one too many tequila shots and now “can’t feel your legs”. – Holy crap no wonder
their feet are so soft, those tiny toes never touch the ground.

9.      Did
I mention naps?

10.   Lastly,
you are allowed to cry in public. I for one would like to bring back the ugly public
cry because it was quite refreshing and enjoyable as a child.


Yes, much like many of you I took for granted the aforementioned
list of items. I wanted to rush through childhood and become this bill paying,
school-work doing, self-walking human being! (If you haven’t caught my drift, I
hate it)

Children reading this blog I beg you… Please, for your own wellbeing
stay in your strollers and continue to force people to spoon feed you for as
long as socially acceptable. – like fooorrreeevvver.

Anyways… Happy Friday! I hope you guys had a great week, if
you didn’t enjoy being an adult this week, join the f-ing club, and tell me
about it (literally though…insta, twitter or comment below… Misery loves company). I
think what might make you feel better is following us on social media. #justsaying