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How are people still up over 10% in a down market?

Ever heard of structured notes?

The ability to win without the ability to lose. Market protection is more important than ever right now.

My Financial Advisor @michael.meschke just put me in an investment that can get double-digit annual returns, but if the stock goes down (even by 50%) I lose nothing, and it’s free.😳🤯

Being able to invest in everyday stocks with quality companies like Tesla or Amazon but with the protection of my assets is a game changer.

While everyone else is pulling out of the market scared because all they see is red, I’m going in because all I see is green!

Just because we’re in a down market doesn’t mean your money has to be down.

And guess what- your advisor probably doesn’t offer this. How do you think big banks make money? Now that Mike is independent he can pass the benefits to you! This is a no-brainer.

Book your free financial review to discuss investing and structured notes by emailing [email protected] and tell him Ady sent you. Thank you to everyone in the VGB squad who has already invested with Michael. The VGB squad has invested over $6M with Michael this year. It means so much that you would put your trust in him and I know you’re happy too! Being up right now in this market is such a blessing. Not many people know about structured notes which is why I couldn’t wait to share them with you. Plus, no other big bank or large investment firm offers structured notes with this much protection. The way Michael does it is truly one of a kind.

And before you ask, it’s not options, it’s not high risk, it’s not bonds, it’s not annuities, it’s not day trading. This is a custom contract to receive a specified return on investment. The VGB squad can get started with structured notes for as little as a $25K investment vs his normal $250K min.