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About last night …

Last night was a blur… much like these pictures below.  I’m pretty sure after you reach 30 you’re not allowed to mix white wine, vodka, and tequila shots.  Especially on a weekday.  Whoops…  Needless to say I had a blast.  I think.  hah.  


Me and the bif (that’s short for boyfriend) went out to celebrate my friend Jazzy’s (yes that’s her real nick name – how cool right?) Birthday!  We went to Red Martini a new place in Atlanta that used to be Peachtree Tavern.  Sad.  So many memories at the Peachtree Tavern. 19 year old Ady loved that place.  Home to many a Brave (our baseball team) and Georgia Tech frat daddies.  Oh the days of fake ids and beer pong I mean studying at libraries.  #sorrymom But I’ll get back on track.  Red Martini is pretty legit.  They have flaming sushi.  I mean seriously.  It comes out ON FIRE!  Insert heavenly emoji hands here and ahhhhhh angel sounds.  Bonus.  They have hookah.  


I’m far from a fashion blogger but I fell so in love with this kimono from Anthro and heart tote from Kate Spade that I had to share.  They literally came in the mail and went straight on my body and out I went. Byeeee.  I blame the pregame for this mini photo shoot.  Probably why the vodka is still in my hand in photo 4.  hah who am I kidding… it was in my hand on all the other photos too.  Soooo cheers to new outfits!  Whoop.  



Just a fun way to scare your friends via SnapChat on their Birthday…. (btw shameless promo here Verbal Gold Blog is now on Snap Chat!!! OH SNAP!  So add us betches!)







Sadly this is the best photo we took all night…. drunk eyes and a half smile.  Models I tell ya.
Wanna see more of this snap chat video (you really don’t) but it’s over on my insta haha This is what it looks like when you think you’re taking an action shot photo but instead it turns out to be a video… whoops.


Bros love heart totes




xo Ady