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Everything You Need to Know About Sicily



A beautiful region that’s just as gorgeous as the rest of Italy, and yet, it stands somewhat independent, asking you to regard it with a careful eye. Residents will call themselves Sicilian rather than Italian, giving the impression that when you go there, you’re entering a whole new land of unique sights, sounds, and possibilities. A memorable travel destination that’s suitable for anyone from history buffs to glamorous divas in search for fashion and shopping opportunities, this island deserves to be your next vacation spot. Wondering what’s so great about Sicily? Then let us tell you all about it!

Rich cuisine

Expect carbs—it is, after all, Italy we’re talking about here, and while you can find plenty of healthy, low-calorie options, it’s unlikely you’ll give them a second glance. The temptation of spicy lasagna, creamy pasta sauces, and buttery sweet pastries is too great to resist. The fact that wine is a part of almost every meal certainly doesn’t help either, but if you’re really set on sticking to your diet you can try one of their many seafood dishes that are pretty nutritious and immensely satisfying.

Sicily also has several Michelin Star restaurants, like La Madia, Duomo, and Il Cappero. You definitely won’t lack for luxury, but you can also enjoy various street foods from friendly vendors who are prone to giving out compliments to all their customers.

Leisurely lifestyle

Scalding coffee spilling over your lap as you drive to work frantically, anxiety-ridden phone calls, stressful meetings—none of this has a place in Sicily. Take a pause, breathe, it’s time to relax. It’s not just the fact that you might be coming here for your vacation, it’s that all the people living here will urge you to take it slow. Where’s the rush? Life is here to be enjoyed, not squandered.

Who should go to Sicily?

Sicily does have plenty of nightclubs, but it’s not particularly oriented towards partying. If you prefer a vacation that offers you both culture and easy entertainment than this is a good pick, but if you need huge crowds and really wild parties then you should consider Ibiza. Those who want a place to laze around and enjoy hedonistic pleasures will love it here. Italy is also a good destination for anyone suffering from medical conditions, so if you’re planning a trip to Sicily as a dialysis patient or need some fresh sea air to soothe your lungs, you’ll find plenty of clinics here that can accommodate your needs. This is also a good place for a romantic getaway with your partner—there are plenty of things that couples can do, from learning how to cook to exploring restaurants and bars. Whether you take your hot new date or a bunch of friends, you’re all bound to have fun.

Flirty Sicilian men

One thing to bear in mind is that Italian men love to flirt. If you go there you’re bound to find a crowd of admirers, so if you’re not particularly comfortable with the attention, be ready. Be firm with your refusals if you’re not into it, and you should be fine. If, however, you want to find yourself a date or experience a fun romantic adventure, you’ll definitely find someone here. Hot, single Italians skilled in the art of love? Sign us right up!

Relaxing sights

Sicily is full of beautiful sights, and one thing you definitely don’t want to miss is the Vendicari Nature Reserve. With a mix of beautiful sandy beaches and fields covered in purple flowers, this is also a migrating ground for flamingos. If you’re careful you’ll be able to catch sights of these tall pink birds and take plenty of photos! If you want to look at jagged cliffs that line the azure sea and offer spectacular views, then head over to Lo Zingaro which is slightly secluded and more private than other beaches, making it a nice romantic spot. Also, check out Mount Etna if you want to see one of the oldest volcanoes around, and take a boat ride to the island of Salina, where you’ll find many great restaurants and wineries to enjoy.

History and archeology

Since the history of these lands predates the ancient Greeks, there are a lot of things to see here. From cave paintings at Levanzo and Addaura to the mixture of Arabic and Norman architecture like you can see in The Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo. Check out things like Museo del Giocattolo Sciacca, which is a museum of toys from the 19th century, and enjoy the Regional Archeological Museum Antonio Salinas which will give you more insight into all the ways this region was built.

Sicily has it all—food, entertainment, culture, and friendly people all around you. Booking your next vacation in this part of Italy is going to ensure you have a great time, so if you want a well-rounded experience, you know where to go.