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Easy Destinations to Escape the Cold

Want to escape the cold this winter? We've put together a list of some of the coolest easy destinations to escape winters from the USA! #USA #Caribbean

Winters are fun with the hot coffee, long warm showers, cozy jackets and obvs, Christmas.

It kinda starts to suck in January, though. When the festivities are over, all we do is miss the warmth of the sun and want to change the layers of clothes for comfortable swimwear. If you ever feel the same, instead of waiting for spring to come; pack your bags and travel to these amazing easy vacation destinations we have selected for you. They’re all a short flight away from most major USA airports!

Easy Destinations to Escape the Cold

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you are looking for an easy and quick escape, this one is for you as being the US commonwealth state it doesn’t require any passport or currency change. Just like the first entry, this one is also a treat for the eyes and mind as you walk in the captivating vibrant color streets. Furthermore, it offers both the warm beaches to roam around and soak in all the sunlight, and also the comfortable city life. The palm trees of Atlantic beach blends right into the busy streets of the city. Well-built hotels, worldwide top chefs and numerous plazas make your stay at Rico quite comfortable.

The Bahamas

This heaven on Earth lies in between Florida’s east coast and North Atlantic. One of the most well-known Caribbean islands comprises of 700 stunning subtropical islands made from coral. It is the best place to relax and explore the enchanting beauty of this archipelago of islands. The place is famous for its pink- sand beaches, tropical forests, reefs, and historic towns.

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Hawaiian travel guide to maui

Maui, Hawaii

The famously known “The Valley Isle” has a number of world-famous beaches to give you a quite range of adventure. Hiking on the lush trails, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, helicopter tours, and parasailing are one of the few available options. But whatever you do, set your alarm to be there at Haleakala National Park to see the tremendous sunset and sunrise from 10,000 feet elevated view from the clouds. Enjoy your warm days at the Maui away from the cold breezes.

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Coachella Valley, California

Enough of the beach destinations, this one is a desert entry for a change in your getaways. This valley offers a couple of fun activities for you to enjoy in the sun-blessed days. One of the best golf courses, polo matches, rotating tramcars is the sport this desert is famous for. Seussian Joshua Tree National Park where the colors blossom amidst the dry quirky landscape holds its own importance for all nature-loving people.

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St. Lucia

This Caribbean gem surely knows how to captivate with its beautiful scenery. Walks on the white sand beaches, sights of magical sea creatures in the clear water and residing in the coastal huts with the magnificent view make it perfect beach destination. This UNESCO World Heritage site is hard to beat with the drive-in volcanoes, lush green rainforest, and Rodney Bay strip. The hospitable people and the authentic island food add the charm to this captivating place. The mystique and stunning nature of the islands make every visitor return over and over again.

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Grand Canyon, Arizona

If you can’t take a week off for travel, you can definitely plan a weekend getaway to Grand Canyon. Carved by the Colorado River, this gem of a destination in the USA is popular year-round, but takes magic of its own during the winter months. The complete area of Grand Canyon stretches to about 446 km in length. On your bus ride to the southern rim, there is a number of tourist spots right in the way to lighten your mood. Ancient Joshua Forest, Big horn sheep habitat, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are among them.

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To have the underwater fun this destination situated right next to Barbados is the best fit. The place provides you more than thirty spectacular diving spots and not just some average ones but the first underwater sculpture park and the largest shipwreck. Moreover, the whole of the place is full of white sand beaches and awestruck waterfalls. It’s not just nature, though – this paradise also has some man-made fascinations like four chocolate factories and three rum distilleries. Really a treat, isn’t it?


Miami is just a few hours flight away but far enough to leave the hassle of snow and get a fair moderate temperature. Winter is indeed the ideal time to roam in the bustling streets, compliment the street art and visit the incredible art galleries. They also hold Art Basel right in December, where more than four thousand artists come rushing to take part. Not to mention the warm beaches, pools, cabanas and ocean views.

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So stop waiting for summers and head on to these destinations where you don’t have to cover your bodies in multiple layers, no worry of snow piling up on your door front and definitely no need to hide in bed. All you have to do is wear a bikini and lay in the sunlight for a tan while enjoying the chilly lemonades.