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Dos and Donts – How to Act Around Pregnant People 

Have a friend or family member who is pregnant? Being around a pregnant woman is a magical experience, but there are a few boundaries and dos and donts to keep in mind. Here's how to act around a pregnant person! #Pregnancy

I’m sure you’ve read some list on the dos and don’ts of what a pregnant person should do during pregnancy, but have you ever thought of the proper way to act around a pregnant person? Have you ever thought about things you simply shouldn’t say to a pregnant person? If not, then today’s post will inspire you to learn the proper etiquette of how to behave around and speak to a pregnant person.

Dos and Don’ts – How to Act Around Pregnant People

Don’t Ask Due Date

Many women go long after their due date and this situation can cause stress on a pregnant person. Try to never ask about their due date. This can instill more stress and worry or shock as they say the due date aloud and realize that it has either come and gone or arriving too soon.

Don’t Touch Her

A pregnant belly seems to draw the attention and hands of strangers. Whatever you do, do not touch a pregnant woman’s belly. While this is quite popular and traditional for some cultures, in many cultures we don’t condone that act of having strangers touch us and it can make the person feel uncomfortable.

Dos and Donts - How to Act Around Pregnant People 

No Delivery Stories

Do not tell a pregnant person about the horrible delivery stories you’ve watched or experienced. The last thing a pregnant person wants is to have more fear. They’re already nervous about giving birth and the delivery room. Please refrain from sharing any delivery stories with a pregnant person.

Offer Your Seat

Do offer a pregnant person your seat when they don’t have a place to sit. It’s hard work carrying around that extra weight. This random act of kindness will inspire a love of society and a grateful heart in this pregnant person.

Dos and Donts - How to Act Around Pregnant People 

Let Her Win

Don’t try to one-up a pregnant person with your own pregnancy stories. It’s not a competition! We’ve all had our own experiences in life, the good and the bad. It’s time to let this pregnant person enjoy sharing their hardships and good moments of their pregnancy without making it a comparative conversation.

Be Patient

A pregnant person is full of extra hormones which can make them feel extra sensitive. Do try to be patient and remember that the funny jokes they used to laugh at may not have the same effect during pregnancy, and that’s okay!

Being around a pregnant person can be such a magical experience if you’re better able to understand the dos and don’ts of how to act around a pregnant person. I hope that my tips shared today will help you know how to act when it comes to being around a pregnant person.