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Design-Your-Own Baby Shower Invites with these Tips

The event of a new child being born is a momentous affair to celebrate with friends and family. In an era of Pinterest and Instagram, we want every element of our events to be completely sharable. From the moment that the first invite is distributed, the look and feel that should be expected for the event should be established effectively. 

The cost of invites can skyrocket the price of an already expensive affair. From the venue, food, beverages, decorations, and more, it adds up to more than you might budget for. As if the preparation for a new baby is not expensive enough! To save money, you might want to consider designing your own invite. Today’s online graphic design programs offer thousands of templates to drag-and-drop the perfect vision and create with ease. PosterMyWall offers a great place to start creating your free baby shower invitations today.

Steps-to-create your dream invite

It all starts with a visit to the PosterMyWall homepage, where you will land on a designer’s dream of thousands of already-made templates available at your disposal. If you have an idea of how you would like your invite to look, great. If not, these templates will spark some inspiration, right off the bat. Once you visit the homepage, this is what you should do:

Search for inspiration

Scroll through the ‘Templates’ drop-down menu on the left-hand corner to review various sizes, themes and more to truly customize the invitation for your unique needs. If you are stuck on an exact look and feel that you are looking for, there’s something for you as well. You can go right to the ‘Create a Design’ at the top right-hand corner to get to work, right off the bat.

Start the personalization process


Once you’re at this step, it’s all about making your invite unique. The personalization process begins with adding in those picture-perfect pregnancy photos into the design. Show off your bump with an optimized design through a direct upload right on the platform or add them right from your Facebook albums, Google Drive or Dropbox. Don’t have any of your own? No problem, you can also incorporate some stock photo options into the mix. 

Here, you can touch up, mask, or crop photos to your desired dimensions with PosterMyWall’s built-in functionalities.


Take your graphic one step further with an interactive audio clip. Incorporating you and your partner’s voice into the mix-ups of the game on personalization. Share why it’s important for your guests to be there, incorporate a sneak peek into the event schedule, or simply thank them for being a part of your life. Hearing your voice will make it extra special – an element that cannot be incorporated into a physical invite.

Of course, audio isn’t a necessity in your invite, and if you wish to print out the invites or keep the file size small to make sharing via messenger apps easy, you can skip this step. 


Toying around with layout will open more doors to customize your template. Here, you can add in a schedule to detail what guests can expect from the big day or you can add a menu to give a little insight into the delicious food being served. Everyone wants to hear about what will be included at that delicious dessert table!


Finally, customize your invite with text that dives deeper into the key details of your shower. Don’t forget the who, what, where, and when! 

Once you add those finishing touches, review your masterpiece. Take a look at the flow, review the content to make sure you have crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s, and make sure you included your best photos. Once you feel happy with the final product, move forward with the next step.

Save, download, share with ease

PosterMyWall users can download a basic image free, right from the website. Once you click ‘download,’ the image will be automatically saved onto your website’s download folder. This free basic download is suitable for both social media and email sharing options.

The design tool has also made it easy for users to upload directly to social media. Instead of the extra step of leaving the website and publishing in various locations, completed invitations can be shared directly to Facebook and Twitter from the My Stuff page.

Get ready for the big day

Creating your own baby shower invite will add an extra personalized touch to the big day and PosterMyWall makes it easier than ever. With its customizable templates that are easy enough even for a graphic design newbie, its users can customize almost every design aspect with tools that are intuitive and fun to use. Start getting creative today and wow your guests with your skills. Enjoy!

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