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Baby Must-Haves From a New Mom

top 10 baby products you can't live without

Coming through with another baby post. This time I’m sharing what every mom will need those first few months. Some things I had ready to go and some things I was frantically ordering on Amazon last minute (thank god for Amazon prime next day delivery)! Let me know what baby must-haves you’ve used and love below.

Amazon Prime and InstaCart are a must! At least for me. It’s just so much easier to order something quickly versus loading up the babes and everything just for something small. These two services really came in handy. You can shop my entire Amazon Storefront to here to see everything I ordered. 

If you’re looking for a good pump, I’d recommend the Medela. It’s the number one pump for large-chested women. You’ll need a good diaper bag. I grabbed this one for under $40 but I also have a nicer one too. I picked up a few more things throughout the first month like window shades for the car, an air purifier, nursing pads, a baby scale (because I’m always curious), baby mittens (to keep them from scratching their faces), bottle brushes, and loads of hand sanitizer. You’ll need a baby carrier for a little later but it’s not that important in the beginning. When they get about 7months old, you’ll want to stock up on baby toys! But the things below I legit couldn’t live without!

top 10 baby products you can't live without

new mom musts

Top 10 Baby Must-Haves From a New Mom

  1. Snoo / Halo bassinets – As a new mom, these were a must. I have both and can’t tell you how much I love them. I didn’t put Colton in his crib right away because I would have gone crazy worrying about him, so having him right next to my bed in his bassinet was the best. I like the halo because it swivels and rotates which made it super easy to tend to Colton without having to get out of bed. A full review of the Snoo is here and it’s worth the read!
  2. MamaRoo -It has tons of features, movements, and sounds at different speeds and volume with blue tooth capabilities that help soothe your baby. Colton loves it and about 100 other moms have DM’d me on Instagram telling me how much they loved theirs! Don’t get me wrong, I love holding Colton as much as I can but the MamaRoo is a must! My friends baby actually sleeps in his.
  3. Portable Playard – Breeze plus portable playard with removable bassinet and changing station has been clutch. We keep ours downstairs so we don’t have to go upstairs to Colton’s room every time we need to change him. Plus it also has a bassinet side so he has somewhere to hang out downstairs. It’s an easy one-push open one pull close pack and play that comes with a carrying case. When we went to Barnsley this past weekend we packed it up and brought it with us. Things that double for travel are perfect for our family! It’s also great to take to grandma’s house. Super convenient.
  4. Boppy (other options linked) – This is a must. Colton literally lived in his. We have 3. One for upstairs, one for downstairs, and one as a backup when the others are in the washing machine. We actually put it in his halo bassinest because they’re so comforting it was the only way he could sleep. I think it also helped him keep his round head.
  5. Chicco travel stroller – Getting a travel stroller that folds up easily and has durable wheels is a must. I’ve basically taken this stroller 4 wheeling and it’s still going strong. I love that the car seat is infant to toddler and it is adjustable for the baby and the adult pushing.
  6. A good binky (and 1000 backups) – I don’t care what anyone says, yes the wubbanubs are great but my son loves these! What I found was that when Colton was trying to sleep his arms would flail around (as most babies do) and they would hit the little animal on the end of the wubbanub and knock the binky out of his mouth and it would wake him up. The nuk binky is perfect to keep him calm and rested! I would also recommend buying a backup, and then a backup for the backup. You can never have enough.
  7. Moms on Call – As a new mom, this book was recommended to me the most. It’s super helpful to get your newborn on a regular schedule. It’s super informative so you don’t sweat the small stuff. You can also download the app! I feel like a pro thanks to the Moms on Call schedule.
  8. Lactation Cookie Bites – I tried every single one that Amazon offered until I landed on these. They’re so good and they really do work! I’ve already bought 3 boxes!
  9. 47″x 47″ swaddle / velcro swaddle (or here)– If you read Moms on Call and follow their swaddle method you have to have a large swaddle blanket. The 47″ by 47″ is a must and you can grab them here. I bought about 5 packs haha. Velcro swaddles are also great for those in the middle of the night changes when you’re just too tired to function. It’s great to have these on hand.
  10. Owlet – If you can’t tell by now, I worry. Well not typically but with something so fragile like a newborn I want to keep him extra safe, at all costs. Just for peace of mind. So I bought the Owlet, which monitors his oxygen and BP. It helped me sleep because I knew Colton was safe. And y’all the alarm on this thing is no joke. Totally worth it for new moms.

One last piece of advice, in this blog post anyways, is to grab a smart plug. When your arms are full with your little one during it’s the middle of the night when you’re walking to the changing table there is nothing nicer than saying, “Alexa, turn on the light” and being able to see hands free. I bought one and then immediately bought 4 more. You can name it whatever you want but I went with light. haha Anyways, grab one of these and try it out for yourself! Totally worth it!

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And that’s the list! What are other baby must-haves?

top 10 baby products you can't live without

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