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Date Nights Ideas // Cooking Together

Picture courtesy of Healing Tomato’s Blog + a link to homemade pizza sauce.



Cooking is a great bonding activity and it’s more fun to cook with someone. I’m spoiled and I’m usually spectating with a glass of wine but it’s a great date night. My favorite recipe to make together is flatbread pizza. Make an event out of it – go to the store together and pick out your favorite meat, veggies, pizza sauce and flatbread. Divide & conquer on cutting up the veggies and preparing the meat. Then grab the flatbreads and toppings to create your own gourmet dish. Mix it up with different combinations and try each other’s to see who made the best one. And if you make several different flatbreads and have extras, they make great leftovers.

Here are my favorite flatbread pizza ingredients…

  • 1 Package – Stonefire Authentic Flatbread in Garlic (or any pre-made flatbreads)
  • 1 Package – Goat Cheese Crumbled (or log would work too, just break into pieces) 
  • 1 lb Skirt Steak – cut into pieces & cooked
  • 1 Jar – California Sun Dry Sun-Dried Julienne Cut Tomatoes with herbs (cut into small slivers) 
  • 5-6 Fresh Basil leaves (cut into slivers) 
  • 1 – 8oz Kraft Italian Five Cheese Shredded Cheese 
  • 1 Jar – Pizza Sauce 
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1. Preheat oven to 375F
2. Cut veggies & cook steak on the stove
3. Brush flatbread lightly with olive oil and place on baking sheet

4. Add desired pizza sauce or try with just olive oil and minced garlic

5. Add Goat Cheese, Italian Five Cheese, Steak, and Sun-dried Tomatoes

6. Cook for approximately 10-12 minutes or until edges are golden in color

7. Sprinkle with basil
8. Slice and enjoy 

My delicious meal!

Bon Appetite!
xoxo, Lindsay