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Crisp Air, Snow & Adventure – A Guide For Winter Holidays In The Mountains

There is no better time to escape to the mountains than during the winter holidays. All those winter vibes at your home only remind you of perfectly white slopes and pine trees so why not give in to the fantasy. It’s undoubtedly a perfect time to meet gorgeous landscapes, ski and have a cup of hot chocolate on the cold porch overlooking the mountainous horizon.

Of course, skiing is not the only experience you can have and building a snowman or day at the spa can be equally satisfying. So, here is a guide for winter holidays in the mountains that will allow you to fully embrace the magic of snow and fresh air.


1. Snow safari in Norway

Norway is a perfect place to go on the snow safari which includes hiking through snow and having your own huskies. This what trappers lived like back in the old days and now you get to experience it, too. You will be able to choose your husky that will pull your sled and learn how to work together with a dog to have a wonderful ride.

This will give you an opportunity to see the Arctic and polar lights, which is a unique and beautiful experience. However, if you want to go over bigger distances, then a snowmobile is the right choice to see glaciers, frozen riverbeds, and snowy valleys.


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2. Winter fairy tale in Austria

Austria is a legendary destination famous for its hospitality and snow covered mountain peaks. This is the place where you can have your winter tale and enjoy some of the magnificent nature. Skiing in Austria is very popular so you will easily find all sorts of ski resorts there.

St. Johann in Tirol and Virgental are smaller and more private ski areas that offer myriad of ski activities and untouched slopes. The latter is situated in the gorgeous Hohe Tauern National Park and near the Grossglockner which is the highest mountain in Austria. All places are family friendly and perfect for inexperienced skiers since Austria takes great pride in being one of the most popular winter holidays destinations in the world.


3. Family winter holiday in the USA

When it comes to the United States of America, it’s hard to decide where to go since it has a rich offer. One thing the USA is perfect for is having a family winter holiday in the mountains which resorts here see as a priority. Sun Valley in Idaho and Winter Park in Colorado offer kid-friendly terrains and schools to master winter sports.

There are separate family zones and designated children areas in many resorts with daycare facilities to keep the kids entertained. And if you are not a skiing family, check out Big Sky some 18 miles from Yellowstone National Park. Use the chair lift to the top, go on a snowshoeing tour or try horse-drawn sleigh ride which is equally fun and quite unique experiences.

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4. Zen winter holidays in Japan

When it comes to Japan ski resorts, they are world famous for amazing slopes and mountains full of hot springs. Actually, one of the oldest ski destinations in the world is Myoko Kogen dating from the beginning of the 20th century. The best thing about winter holidays in Japanese mountains is that the snow is guaranteed thanks to the cold winds from Siberia.

However, the high point of spending winter holidays here is a hot spring bath. These hot springs or onsen are part of the long-standing Japanese tradition that will allow you to relax after a day of winter sports. Make sure to try an outside pool since that way you will enjoy the amazing view of the landscapes while soaking in the warm water.


5. Romantic winter delights in France

Paris may be the number one destination in France, but this chanson country has a lot more to offer if you are looking for mountainous winter holiday. French Alps are a world-famous destination that offers both riveting experiences and gorgeous sights. Chamonix Valley has a number of resorts that offer hot tubs and log burners to create a romantic evening for you and your partner.

If you are looking for luxurious accommodations, you can rent a cabin with a personal chef and staff to take care of your every need during the holiday.  Méribel is a small village in the Alps which is full of traditional architecture and elegance. Pine forests and many chalets make it one of the most romantic resorts in France and many couples choose to spend their winter holidays here.

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Although people tend to hope for warmer destinations during colder months, going on the winter holidays in the mountains is still the most popular. So, pick the right place to go and start packing, there are gorgeous mountainous landscapes to explore and see.