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Christmas Bucket List For December

Want to make the most out of this Christmas? Here's your ultimate Christmas bucketlist for fun, cheap, and cheerful things to do to spread the spirit this December #Christmas

It’s that time of the year again! Bells are jingling, lights are twinkling, and temperatures are dropping. We love spreading the Christmas spirit, so we decided to put together a quick and fun Christmas bucket list for December.

Nope, it doesn’t include any fancy Disney trips for the kids or expensive outings. Our bucket list is simple, fun, and so easy to do on a budget! We believe Christmas is a time of reflection and an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones, so we decided to keep things simple (but super cheerful!).


Christmas Bucket List For December


Send Santa a letter

Fear of Santa bringing nothing but coal might just be one of the most effective ways to fix that naughty face most kids go through. There’s even a USPS service that will write a personalized response to your Children on behalf of Santa and it makes things super fun. Check it out here.


Chop down and decorate a Christmas tree

Feeling like doing things yourself? Head to the woods and chop your own Christmas tree! Wait, actually, don’t – it’s illegal and a TERRIBLE idea to just up and chop down a tree, but you can obtain a permit from the United States Forest Service, check out their website for more information. Not only is chopping down a tree exhilarating, but it’s also more meaningful and makes for a fun day out in the woods. Alternatively, you can also visit a Christmas Tree Farm in your area and chop down your own tree there!

So, get off your online comfort zone this Christmas, pick up some gloves, boots, and a chainsaw and head for the woods to give your children the old school Christmas thrill!


Take a night drive

This is such a simple thing to do, but one of our favorites. Nothing makes Christmas like the lights twinkling all over, so get your coat, your car keys, and go for a drive through the city to take in all the Christmas spirit around and admire the night sky contrasted with the Christmas lights. Isn’t it magical, even thinking about the feeling? Bonus points if you have a Christmas playlist!


Make hot cocoa

Christmas is cold, that’s for sure, but it comes with the snow as the perk. Seriously, what beats a sizzling hot cup of chocolate on a cold Christmas day?


Go to a tree-lighting ceremony

Well, Christmas isn’t Christmas without decorated trees and Christmas carols, rights? Why not join other people in the city lighting up the Christmas tree. Take that flask of hot cocoa to keep out the cold and remember to spread the holiday spirit with the neighbors.


Watch a cheesy Christmas movie

Christmas can be a bit cold for the outdoors, but the good news is that you can dress down, snuggle on a couch a bag of popcorns in hand and a fire running, and watch some Christmas movies. Here are some of our favorite holiday classics you can pick from:

  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Home Alone
  • Elf
  • A Christmas Story
  • White Christmas

Here’s a full list of our favorite Christmas movies!


Create your own Christmas decor

Feeling crafty? You can totally make a fun day out of creating your own DIY Christmas decor and putting it up on that tree. You could make anything from paper snowflakes to cookie-cutter or fun glass snow globes. Let your imagination run wild this Christmas!

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Attend a Christmas play or musical

Whether or not you’re religious, everyone enjoys a good old heart warming Christmas play or musical. Watching a Christmas musical or play at the local theatre can really bring the Christmas spirit even if you’re just not feeling it.


Create your own Christmas cards

Christmas cards are a fun way to spread the joy around, but aren’t we all tired of all those computer-printed cards with the overt graphics that seem a bit crass? Almost like someone is trying too hard? A simple hand-written card can go a long way in warming a heart. You can use a variety of designs to show that you care and took the time to make them something special.

Here are some ideas for DIY Christmas cards.


Visit a homeless shelter

Spread the joy around in a big way by lending a hand to those need your help with activities like cooking meals or donating your clothes to a shelter. Visit those who have so little to be grateful for this holiday and put a smile on their faces.


Make a Christmas songs playlist

What’s Christmas without all those cheesy songs? Be it the classics or the contemporaries, make a playlist to keep you engaged during the season. PS: It wouldn’t hurt to have ‘Joy to the World’ on repeat for a couple of hours n Christmas Eve. Melts my heart every time!


Attend a carol service

Christmas carols were the hallmark of my childhood before iTunes and Spotify and I bet they probably were yours too, so why not relive the good old days? Gather everyone up and go to the local chapel to test those vocal cords. It won’t matter if you suck at it, I promise no one will judge you!


Play in the Snow

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place that sees snow during winter, then obviously playing in the snow is a must! No, I don’t care how old you are – sledding is always fun! You can also make snow angels, a snowman, or hell, just start that snowball fight already! 


And there you go! There’s the ultimate Christmas bucket list for December. Get started and let us know how many of these items you wind up completing!


What are some other fun things to do in December that should be on our bucket list?