Jet Setting… Part 2. Back at Home


If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling for work… if you follow me just in blog world… you probably haven’t seen much of me lately.  But I’m back.  And sharing my travels and traveling experiences with you!  If I summed it all up…

Hey Macklemore… Can we go thriftshopping…?


What What What What What …. Yes that’s right… I recently went thrift shopping at a place called Queen of Hearts You can find them on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, or craigslist   Now it’s not so much a thrift shop as it is an antique store. Where dealer-merchants rent out a…

DIY: Our First Place


I obvi got the idea for this from pinterest and when I saw it I couldn’t resist.  This is the perfect gift or sweet little reminder of the first home you and your partner/bf/gf/hubby share! The perfect DIY as a reminder of our first place! What you need: Key Shadow box …