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Best Greek Islands to Visit in winter

Planning a winter escape to Greece? There are a ton of incredible destinations in the country, so we've rounded up the absolute best Greek islands to visit in winter! #Greece

Though the tourist season of Greece is summers, if you are a fan of mystique warm places then don’t resist the thought of vacations in Greece in the off-season too. The summers are crowded with tourists, but winter, in contrast, gives the deserted island vibes with only a couple of natives walking down the magical white streets. The weather may not be perfect for swimming but is quite warm for exploring the mystical beauty of the destination. Not to mention that it becomes a lot more economical to see the scenic beauty of these towns in the winter season. Thus, irrespective of the popular opinion, here are a few of the Mediterranean islands that are just perfect to visit in winter.



This gem of paradise is a true treat for all the nature-loving people. The whole place is filled with lush green mountains, traditional villages, and deep blue beaches. However, the central figure is the town Volo that serves as a gateway to this island with its super busy port and a small airport. The place is just perfect for winter as it provides a number of hiking paths, ski resorts, and exotic water sports. Though the whole place is incredibly beautiful, the Pinakates village in the west is a must site to stopover.



Zagorohoria is a cluster of 40+villages built entirely of grey stones that merge right into the densely forested mountains. The whole of the place is flooded with extremely narrow streets and beautifully arched bridges that were built centuries ago. The breathtaking scenic beauty at every corner of hiking trails and especially along the Vikos Gorge is the prime tourist attraction. Hidden villages, although they are just an hour away from the Ioannina but will surely take you back in time when nature was the only solace. Calm, soothing and picturesque nature of this place will surely bless you with the peace you are looking for.



This largest island of Greece is a feast for senses with its splendid beaches, exquisite cuisine, and generous spirit. Rich in ancient treasures and landscapes, this island has jaw-dropping sites of brilliant civilizations. This place in itself is a small universe brimmed with vibrant cities and picturesque villages. Its large area quenches the wanderlust with multiple exploration opportunities and hidden treasures that may take a lifetime to uncover. Their unique customs, centuries-old traditions, the hospitality of locals and exquisite wine bless the tourists with a rare beautiful experience.



Unlike the rest of the islands and is the second most populous spot this one is a year-round tourist destination. Tourists fell in love with the mesmerizing beauty of this town the moment they step in. Magnificently vast sea views bring nature right to your balcony and the revamped sidewalks are the perfect spot to stroll at the sunset. With the ancient cultural heritage, the Arch of Galerius peeking in the bustling streets of Egnatia gives us an enchanting blend of new and old cohabits. Also, the vibrant nightlife and the delish cuisine make your stay quite memorable.



The second-largest island after Crete is still off the tourist map and serves mostly as a gateway for tourists to fly to other enticing nearby islands. This hidden treasure is just an hour across Athens and is actually a popular escape for Athenians. The exotic beaches being less crowded provide you the opportunity to connect strongly with Mother Nature. Apart from the lush green tropical forests and enormous mountains, the place is known to provide you a chance to witness the rare tidal phenomenon at Chalkida.



You might have heard about the idyl Corfu that was it heritage for a very long time. Though defiled by tourism, but the place still holds the spirit of the city with its crystal water beaches, historic monuments and excellent weather throughout the year. This most metropolitan Greece destination has been the center of attention for a number of civilizations and still holds the remnants of their glorious past. Furthermore, the stately buildings of the Catholic Cathedral, the Kapodistrias family mansion and the Palace of St Michael will make sure to give you the vibes of classic movie scenes. Magnificent sceneries, cypress-studded mountains and rich history of Corfu spare no tourist from its spell. Even in the winters, this place sunny warm temperature can make your mind up for swimming. So don’t forget to pack your swimwear along with you.



Unlike the rest, this destination is flooded with tourists in winters. Situated just 8 km next to Delphi, makes it a good alternative base for Delphi visitors. The majority of the tourist are appealed by the world-class ski resorts specifically the Paranoss National Park. The place casts a spell on all the visitors with its dreamy mountains and scenic beauty. Where the days are filled with hiking and skiing adventures the nights nonetheless are another escapade with the bustling nightlife and plethora of bars and clubs. Make sure not to miss the strolls along with the touristy shops, signature hilopites, and local red wine.


Well, the rumors of Greece being closed for tourists in winters are utterly false as the local life on these islands goes on as usual. However, the burst of visitors is reduced to quite a few and many of the hotels are closed for renovations. But still, there are plenty of options available even in the coldest of days. We’re sure there is nothing more relaxing than holidays spent at an uncrowded place, right??