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Beauty Or Torture? Beauty Treatments Debunked!


Ladies (and Gentlemen), how many times have you mumbled the phrase Beauty is Pain? Whether it’s waxing, sugaring, laser, getting poked with needles, wearing 5” heels or squeezing into a pair of Spanx, woman everywhere know what it means to endure pain to look your best. The question is, is it really beauty or is it torture? I’ve gone down the path to determine whether all of these tortures are in fact, actually beauty tricks.

Follow me as we go through the list of today’s radical treatments.

Up first, Sugaring.

Is it really different than waxing? If so, is it better and why? Sugar Plum, the sugaring experts, are my go-to in Seattle and provided some insight into the sugaring craze! Sugaring is just that, sugar, water and citric acid. It’s actually an ancient method of removing hair, where the sugar solution is spread onto the skin and removes only dead skin and the littlest of hairs, making it far more effective than wax and better for those with sensitive skin, given the minimal discomfort and need for after-care. Let’s be honest though, if you don’t suffer from razor burn or ingrown hairs, this treatment is torture. But, for those of us who experience these nuisances, this torturous treatment is well worth the pain, your bikini line will thank you!


Let’s talk laser…

Is it really worth forking out the $$$? Ladies, I’m going to be honest, it’s totally worth it for those who fit into the preferred category and for those who experience significant ingrown hairs. Who is that category? We’ve all heard it, those with light skin and dark hair, and they aren’t kidding.

I forked out roughly $1200 to go through the process of eliminating the hairs in my bikini area. Being blonde and fair skin, (carpet doesn’t exactly match the drapes), but I thought anything could help with ingrown’s and razor burn, let’s do it! San Francisco (my long lost love), was where I first experienced the amazing Laser Away. With treatment centers currently in states and growing, they offer a great solution to those of us wanting to rid ourselves of those unwanted hairs. After 12 treatments, I saw a significant reduction in hair growth and haven’t seen ingrown hairs since. If you can stomach the cost, this torture method is well worth the pain!  Bonus, most places usually have payment plans if needed.

Onto Botox…

Okay, okay, I’m 32… (Going on 21, obvi)! I’ve been doing Botox now for ~3 years and I’m obsessed!! The question here is, without many wrinkles on my face to begin with, is this pricey treatment worth the torturous needles in my face? The answer… it depends.

If you’re like me, you’ll do just about anything to prematurely fight the signs of aging, and I mean ANYTHING! I’ve been wearing wrinkle cream since before I could operate a car, even with an adult cautiously bracing themselves. Everything from creams, masks and crazy facial treatments (keep reading, there’s one out there everyone should try). What is the story with Botox? Is it safe? Who are the right candidates and is it a preventative treatment as much as it is a reversal?

Turns out, Botox is safe and is the only approved treatment to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox basically freezing the muscles in your face you use when frowning or squinting. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to using Botox. Many believe it’s as much of a preventative treatment as it is a reversal treatment. I mean, hey, it can’t hurt to avoid ever getting the fine lines from frowning and squinting over the years, why not!?

Treatments can be pricey, the typical treatment can run upwards of $300 depending on the number of units used. ($12 – $14 per unit) My favorite Seattle Dermatologist, Dr. Collyer at Modern Dermatology is amazing and while a pricey treatment, can be a great way to prevent and fight the signs of aging!

Magic? Close! Electrotherapy!

I recently discovered my new all-time favorite beauty treatment and, while somewhat torturous (not really, but the image below may seem that way), is the most effective way to increase collagen, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reverse sun damage and help fight adult acne. Magic? Close! It’s Electrotherapy and it’s seriously my new addiction! Dermaspace in Seattle is known for their IDERM Facial, a treatment believe it or not, used by the stars and recognized by a number of skin care doctors as being a “magical treatment.”

The facial is very different from a typical facial, rather than dozens of creams applied and removed from your skin during the course of and hour, which can at times (typically for me), contribute to breakouts; The treatment consists of four components. 1. Cleanse the skin and exfoliate 2. Open the pores and moisturize 3. Deep clean 4. Ionization, the FUN part or, as some call it the Freddy Krueger part. Your skin is wrapped with cotton that has been soaked in an anti-aging and anti-acne solution, amongst other antioxidant contributors. Next, a galvanic current is applied for twenty minutes, using an electric current mask that helps the solution penetrate deep into the lower dermis skin.

These facials can set you back around $110, but this is one of the torture treatments I’d bring with me on a deserted island. SERIOUSLY! I’ve been doing it once a month for over a year now and receive more compliments on my skin than ever before and am not afraid to go anywhere without an ounce of makeup on my skin. Watch out Freddy, I’m coming for you. This beauty treatment is well worth the torture!!


My go-to daily routine

Hold up, there ARE other options! As I mentioned, I’ve been trying to fight and prevent aging since before I even knew what aging meant. But, I couldn’t write about these pricey treatments, without providing some of my favorite brands, that while may require some $$$, don’t involve pain or torture. They do however, require a routine and I’ve outlined my go-to daily routine below;

  1. Julep – Love Your Bare Face Cleansing Oil and Konjak Sponge
    • This stuff takes make-up off and cleans skin like no other! Better yet, with my sensitive skin, I saw no breakouts, clearer pores and moisture. A MUST use every night!
  2. EminenceClear Skin Probiotic Cleanser with Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant
    • Mix the two together for a perfect morning cleanser. Lightly removing dead skin and brightening skin tone, this is my GO-TO morning cleanser.
  3. Peter Thomas RothGlycolic Acid Hydrating Gel
    • Used under your daily moisturizer, this gem keeps your skin hydrated and dewey ALL DAY. #Obsessed
  4. Peter Thomas RothGlycolic Acid Moisturizer
    • Keep the acid coming! This bad boy is used every other night to continue hydration while also helping to remove the top layer of skin and brighten skin.
  5. Amore PacificFuture Response Night Cream
    • THE BEST BRAND EVER! I switched over to this brand after trying 100’s (literally). This brand is the best I’ve used. Night cream is super thick and luxurious. Used every other night with the Peter Thomas Roth, your skin will LOVE you! A little goes a long way too, so while the price tag is a bit higher, the tub lasts 4 months!
  6. Amore PacificFuture Response Day Cream SPF 30
    • Once again, hands down the best day cream I’ve found. When used on top of the Peter Thomas Roth Hydrating Gel, you’re skin will never appear dry and be protected all day from UV rays and free radicals.
  7. Amore PacificFuture Response Age Defense Eye Cream Duo
    • This had me at an eye cream with even more SPF and UV protection. You know it’s good when there’s two for the price of one. The night cream is simply heaven. Thick, moisturizing and fights aging. #MicDrop

That’s my current list of obsessions. But, other brands I love include; Pericone MD, Kiehls specifically their Avocado Eye Cream and Algenyst.

No matter what your beauty treatment regimen, beauty, while externally important, is really found on the inside. Love yourself and love others, but also use a great eye cream! wink*