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9 Strategies To Work From Home When You Have a Baby

Wondering how to work from home as a mom? If you are doing home office, here are 9 strategies to work from home when you have a baby!

Working is super hard with a new baby in your life. All you want to do is snuggle your sweet babes and play but you have to go back to work.

Our family is the number one priority in our lives. Our work is also important because it enables us to feed our family. When working from home, there will always be a tug between the two. Your kids will be demanding attention from you and your boss or your clients will also be expecting you to deliver. If you have a baby, the situation becomes a little more complicated. Babies demand attention round the clock. So how will you be able to work from home when you have a baby?

I know it’s hard and it feels like you never get anything accomplished but I’m hoping the following tips might come in handy.

9 Strategies To Work From Home When You Have a Baby

Be flexible

You do not know when your baby will decide to create a fuss. You simply cannot time that one out. You should have a schedule that is flexible enough to allow you some time off to take care of your baby when the need arises. Always schedule numerous breaks and use these breaks to give your baby the attention they seek.

Let your colleagues/clients know about the baby

If you are working as part of a larger team, let your colleague know that you have a baby and you are trying to work while taking care of him/her at the same time. This prevents it from being awkward when you show up to a zoom call with a baby on your lap, or when you start talking to them in a song as you try to calm the baby.

If you have a manager, agent, or assistant let them know your current situation. It’s hard to get things done throughout a normal workday so I let them know about extended hours. I usually tell them that I don’t work a normal 8-5 workday and that I’ll be answering emails when I can. Even if that means 10pm or even 1am and I’ll try to get to it when I can.

Keep a bottle ready at all times

Your baby might decide to get cranky and fussy in the middle of an important meeting. This would mean you have to take a break to deal with the baby which would inconvenience your colleagues. To prevent such from happening, prepare a bottle and snacks in advance and have it ready at all times.

Take care of the baby first

Your baby should always be a priority. You already understand their schedules and triggers and before you sit down to work, take care of them first. You might find that once your baby is satisfied, he/she will leave you to attend to your duties in peace for some time.

Schedule calls or meetings around their schedule

Utilize the time before they wake up and do away with tasks that require your undivided attention. Early mornings or late evening work best here. If you need that time to sleep, then schedule meetings and tasks during their nap time and try to get blocks of work done throughout the day. It’s not easy but you can do it!

Work when you can, where you can. This would be my biggest tip. If you can get something done, try to do it.

Buy baby toys for distraction

Babies are easily distracted. A new toy can keep them fascinated for hours on end, leaving you room to put in some work. Just make sure that the toy is safe and appropriate to their age. Here’s a great list of toys my son loves!

This might be a bit controversial but turn on the TV. Youtube baby sensory videos are also a lifesaver. It will give you enough time to get through an important call.

Keep them contained

A playpen will work wonders. Add their toys in there so they can have a ball. It’s somewhere safe they can play with their toys and you can relax. If your baby is new new a bassinet by your desk or bed while you work is also amazing.

If they just want to be by you then a high chair is also great. Throw some cheerios down while they’re in the high chair and they can work right alongside you. Colt baby loves doing this.

We also use the jump jump all the time. He loves it. We use this to get a workout in. While we’re working out he’ll be right next to us jumping. It might be too loud for a zoom call but you can definitely get some work in while they jump and play.

Hire help

If you can afford it, hire help to take care of the baby for the time you need to be fully focused on work. This won’t be cheap though and currently, with the pandemic lockdown, it might be tough hiring help for your baby. I heard about this great help to solve babysitter problems and easily hire someone to watch your kids. Check it out.

Work with your family members

Your family members can offer you the support you will need when working from home. They can help you take care of the baby for a few hours whilst you try to get some work done.

And that’s our list! What are some other tips to work from home when you have a baby?